Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Brake Fluid Leak: Top Causes And Symptoms You Should Know

Many people, especially the new car owners, may not consider brake fluid leakage a cause for concern, but it does have a significant impact on overall braking performance. Brake fluid leakage will damage the braking system, leading to brake failure and

accidents. This matter requires immediate attention to ensure your safety and well being on the road.

Most of the reasons for brake fluid leaks:

The first step in fixing the brake fluid leak is to identify the causes that are causing brake fluid to leak in the center of the vehicle.


Damage in the braking system

A fault in the brake system, including brake lines or fittings, can cause brake fluid to leak. Whether a hole in the brake lines or damage to the brake fittings - both have a negative effect on the braking system. Even it can get to a point where the brakes stop working. It can lead to a life threatening situation if not resolved immediately.


Master cylinder defective

When a brake fluid leak occurs under the car, the main culprit is usually the defective brake master cylinder. However, problems with slave cylinders can also be responsible for the puddle of fluid leaking under the car.

Loose vent valves

Bleed screws are part of the brake calipers. Its main function is to remove excess fluid while the other components of the braking system are serviced. Sometimes the mechanic does not tighten the valves sufficiently after flushing the brake fluid, and the loose valves can cause the fluid to leak.


Bad wheel cylinder

If a car with drum brakes has brake fluid on the wall of a wheel, a bad wheel cylinder is responsible for this. This is also a common reason for fluid leakage.


All of these symptoms are serious. So don't ignore them. Whatever the symptom, check the car and fix it before driving. While it is possible to diagnose a brake fluid leak from these symptoms, a mechanic is the best person to identify and correct these problems.
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