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Regardless of whether you bought a model fresh from the factory or a used car, it needs to be checked and serviced after a certain distance. Tuning fixes the small problems before they become bigger. This is why you need to be aware of the signs that your car needs tuning.

Adjustment includes minor corrections such as repairing the spark plug, replacing cables and filters, adjusting the ignition timing and much more. The following sections tells you when to repair your car.
You may be wondering how to tell if your car needs a set up. Follow These 4 Signs You Need To Improve Your Car


Slow start and acceleration

Slow start and acceleration of cars are signs

that your car needs improvement. If the vehicle is not receiving enough fuel or oxygen, or if there are sparks in its combustion chamber, you will find it difficult to start the car. It is also possible that the vehicle will not start at all. Don't ignore the trouble of starting the car as it can be a sign of an internal problem.
In this case, a weak battery or a defective fuel system may be responsible. Ignition problems can be the main cause that you can fix with a simple adjustment. Ask a mechanic to diagnose the real cause. A decrease in acceleration speed is another symptom that you should not overlook and see a mechanic immediately.


Frequent stalling

While stalling is a common occurrence when learning to drive vehicles in manual gear, it is not a good sign in other circumstances, especially if you are a skilled driver with an automatic car. Occasional or frequent car stalling is an indicator of a serious problem.

Any of these following parts may be responsible for stalling the vehicle, e.g. A dead battery, a defective spark plug, a faulty ignition, the improper use of a clutch, a damaged fuel pump and much more. Optimizing can fix most of these minor problems and prevent major problems from occurring.


Unusual noises and vibrations

While driving on rough roads, it is normal to feel the vibrations in the steering wheel and the vehicle frame. This is because the wheels are touching the rough surface. However, be aware of the vibrations while driving on a smooth track. It indicates an internal problem and needs to be fixed quickly.

Inefficient car engines can cause your vehicle to knock when accelerating or on a hilly road. In addition, faulty spark plugs can be the cause of unexpected noises when accelerating or idling. Keep these points in mind as they indicate when a repair is required.


Bad mileage

Not getting the expected mileage is one of the signs that your car needs improvement. The mileage is so important that a car purchase can be completed or canceled. Every driver has a good idea of how many miles per gallon the vehicle can travel. Without a reason, there is no way the mileage could suddenly drop one day.

If you drive fewer miles, the car won't be able to burn the fuel the way it should. This can be caused by dirty or problematic spark plugs or problems with fuel injection. In either case, tuning the vehicle will greatly improve fuel efficiency and vehicle performance.


Vehicles that last longer, are those ones that are periodically serviced. It is advisable to regularly check your car,if its a major problem contact your trusted mechanic or CALL / WHATSAPP Eliancars on: 08060260382.

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