Friday, 20 March 2020

CORONA VIRUS: How To Keep Your Car Safe During The Crisis

Your car will be critical during the crisis, but the same cleanliness rules apply to protect yourself and your family

 Wipe off

It is also vital to keep the interior of your car clean. You must wash the main contact surfaces, including the steering wheel, gear lever, touchscreen, door handles and the most frequently used

buttons, regularly, preferably with a disinfectant cloth.

You can also use the same solution to wipe seats and armrests. However, be sure to wipe such surfaces instead of soaking them. Scrubbing these surfaces is also not recommended and is indeed not required. The alcohol in the solution destroys the physical structure of the virus and not the mechanical effect of the cleaning.

It is a good idea to also clean the outside door and trunk handles. However, avoid using hydrogen peroxide bleach as this can damage the varnish and possibly the plastic and metal surfaces. Do not use detergent containing ammonia on touch screens in the cabin while you are at it.

It is also a good idea to minimize your contact when refueling the car. Fill up the tank to the top when you stop to reduce the number of visits you need to make and try to use con tactless or phone payments if possible. When you get back in, try wiping your hands with a disinfectant wipe 

Air conditioning

Cleaning kits can be ordered for the air conditioner, and you simply need to spray the cleaning product through the ventilation slots in the interior of the vehicle.  Viruses are known to generally spread through air conditioning and the filters attached to such systems may not be able to trap such small things as viruses.

It is not yet known how common Covid-19 is in the air, but it is unlikely that you will suck a lot of it into your car's system from the outside. It is much more likely that you or others will spread the virus in the car and the air conditioning will circulate it in the cabin.
The best advice is the same advice for all other aspects of this virus crisis - keep your hands clean, wipe surfaces when you can, and keep your distance from others. This applies to both the car and the exterior.

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