Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Car Distributor Fails To Spark

People are very dependent on their vehicles these days. Whether on vacation, to work or to school, vehicles make our lives easier and more comfortable. The engines of cars often don't start. If a car engine starts but does not start, it is very likely that there is no spark from the distributor. When fixing the problem, it is important to know the exact reason.

If it is clear that the engine has no
spark, the reason must be found in the second step. Here are some key reasons to help you find the problems.

Crankshaft position

First check whether there is a cable break or a loose connection between the sensors and the power control module. The crankshaft position sensor can help you find the problem with the crankshaft. This sensor tracks the speed of the crankshaft. If the sensor stops working, it does not send a signal to the ECU.

Bad Ignition Module

If you cannot start a car, you must check the ignition modules. Transistor helps these solid-state switching devices control the flow of current and switch on and off with the primary winding of an ignition coil. So it would not be wrong to say that they act as mechanical points.

Some external inputs are required to support the ignition modules when performing the task. Loose, broken or corroded wires in the ignition module can be a reason that the distributor does not generate a spark. Cleaning oxidized connectors and replacing broken wires is a good decision.

Faulty ignition coil

The ignition coil converts the weak battery power into a strong spark. Sometimes a car drives for a while and then the engine stops working. A defective ignition coil could be a sign of such a problem in the vehicle. This problem occurs due to the temperature rise of the ignition coil or the ignition module. The good news is that it works as soon as it cools down. A problem with the ignition coil prevents the vehicle from starting.

Broken distributor cap

Checking the distributor cap is of the utmost importance if a vehicle suddenly comes to a stop and no longer starts. Check if there is any dirt inside or outside. It should be rust or corrosion free. Also check the function of the rotor and the cracks on the distributor cap.

Defective Ignition switch 

The ignition switch installed in the engine's combustion chamber is the weakest part of a vehicle's ignition system. There are three positions in the ignition switch that you will notice after inserting the key. When switching to the "ON" position, the dashboard lights up brightly. If they don't light up, this could be a sign of a bad ignition switch.


Many people face the problem of getting their car engine started. For the reasons mentioned above, no spark can come from the distributor. It is highly recommended to take your car to experts as they can diagnose and fix the problem as soon as possible.

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