Thursday, 9 January 2020

Bridgestone Launches Connected Tyre Concept To Make You Safer

For 2020, the tyre company will take part in CES for the first time and bring the appropriate type of advanced tyres to justify participation.

Bridgestone is showcasing two types of tyre technology at CES: a sensor-filled connected smart tyre and ideas for airless tyres.

The airless tyres combine the tread and the wheel of a tyre into a single high-strength structure that nullifies any chance of a
flat tyre. Bridgestone's portfolio of advanced airless tyres covers a wide range of uses on Earth and beyond. The most essential solution could be used in commercial fleets and for personal mobility, while the most unusual concept is an airless, elastic tyre and wheel solution that the company is developing for a moon rover that can be used for an international space exploration mission.

The networked tyre concept includes more technology. Some drivers today use connected tyres as part of tyre pressure monitoring systems. But the proactive smart tyre Bridgestone presents can do a lot more than just tell if the tyre needs some air. The tyre can grasp the road and its condition and then send this information to the car to make decisions about driving.

Today's systems can respond to a tyre slipping, but the new Bridge stone connected tyre is said to provide the ADAS with more information to better prevent crashes.

The additional information comes from a new sensor in the tyre that is glued to the inner wall of the tyre. With each revolution, the sensor measures the deformation of the adhesive when this part of the tyre touches the ground to measure the load on the tyre.

This information is then sent to an on-board system that uses a "digital twin model" of this tyre and converts strain measurements into wear estimates using a Bridgestone algorithm that contains proprietary information about that particular tyre.

Some information about the tyre could be sent beyond the vehicle to which it is attached. The sensor is sensitive enough to detect flat potholes.

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