Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Safety Tips And Checks To Prepare Your Car This Christmas Season

Tyre pressure and tread

Making sure the tyre pressure is correct is essential for safety, as well as avoiding a dreaded blowout. It is important to always use a tyre gauge to check your tyres instead of relying on a "look-see". Pay special attention to the dashboard tyre pressure warning light if present.

Now that we have marked the tyre pressure box, it is likely that your rubber has a few kilometers, do not ignore the tread. Take your car to check the tread of the four tyres to make sure they are not
too worn or unevenly. If your tires are "worn out" or have damage to the side wall from a recent rebound against a sidewalk or a pothole, it is better to replace them now instead of risking breakage while on the road.


Turn on the lights when you are in a garage or point to a wall while testing the lights, this is a quick and easy way to check if your lights work. Check  all your lights, indicators, brake lights and fog lights one by one.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers tend to wear out quickly, especially when your car is kept outdoors and in the sun. Test the front and rear wipers, spray washer fluid to make sure your windshield wipers clean the glass clearly. Make sure your demisters are working, as sudden confusion can be dangerous.

Dashboard warning lights

At first glance, the dashboard warning lights can give you a quick indication when something is wrong. When you turn on the ignition, all warning lights should light momentarily. As soon as you notice a warning light that remains on, have it checked immediately. Any warning light often guarantees an immediate verification by a professional.



If you feel you are having a war, tug of war with the steering wheel to keep track of your car in a straight line, or if the steering wheel vibrates too much, your steering is likely to need alignment or should be inspected by a professional.


A depleted battery means that your car will not start, possibly leaving you stranded in an unsafe place or situation, even worse late at night. Car batteries should generally be replaced every few years, sometimes before. If your starter sounds slow, it is corrosion or a depleted battery; Either way, have it checked.


Although car fluids are usually checked during routine services, be sure to check them occasionally, including windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant and oil.

Spare wheel

A simple but critical check is to make sure you have a spare tyre, a jack and a wheel wrench, and that everything is working properly. You probably haven't used your spare for a while, so check the tyre pressure before leaving.

Brakes and Clutch

Always check the condition of your brake pads by how your vehicle reacts when braking while driving; and if you pull both sides when braking. If your brakes sound like squeaky or are shaking, change them immediately.

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