Tuesday, 10 December 2019

CAR MAINTENANCE: Major Signs Of A Defective Shift Lever Cable

The shift cable shifts the transmission into the correct gear, which is indicated by the shift selector that has been moved by the driver. Vehicles with automatic transmissions usually have a cable that leads from the transmission to the shift assembly, while vehicles with manual transmission have two cables. Both have the same signs when they start to get bad. If you suspect your mistake, be aware of the following symptoms.


The display does not match the gear

If the selector cable is defective, the indicator light or the shift cable will not match the gear you are currently in. For example, switching from park mode to drive mode may mean that you are in park mode. This means that the cable has been stretched in a position
where it is not in the right place and the wrong gear has been detected. The cable may extend over a long period of time, requiring replacement over the life of your vehicle. In this case, contact a specialist to replace the shift cable.

Vehicle can not be switched off

While the selector cable is extending, you may not be able to remove the key from the ignition or turn off the vehicle. This is because the key can only be turned when the car is parked in some vehicles. In this case, it can be dangerous because you may not know which gear you are in when you try to turn the vehicle off. This can make your car unpredictable and dangerous to you and your environment and should be resolved as soon as possible.

Vehicle starts in another gear

If your vehicle starts in a gear other than Park or Neutral, there is a problem. This may be due to the shift lock solenoid or the selector cable. A mechanic needs to diagnose this problem to distinguish between the two because they may have similar symptoms. In addition, there may be problems with both parts, which must be replaced before your vehicle will function properly again.

The vehicle does not engage a gear

After you have started the vehicle and tried to engage a gear, there is a problem with the shift cable when the gear selector switch can not be moved. The cable may be broken or stretched beyond repair. This prevents the transmission from having the leverage required for shifting. The car can not be used until this problem is resolved.


As soon as you notice that the display does not match the gear, the vehicle does not turn off, starts in another gear or does not switch at all, get  a mechanic to have the problem examined further.

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