Monday, 4 November 2019

6 Typical Reasons Why Your Transmission System May Not Last Long

Shifting,when not stopped
Switching to reverse or reverse while your vehicle is not fully stopped can quickly destroy your transmission. On vehicles with automatic transmissions, it is always best to stop completely before switching to either driving or reverse.

In a car with automatic transmission, it is not comparable to shifting gears in a manual transmission vehicle where the
clutch can disengage, an automatic transmission is a rigid linear action and can grind the teeth in the gears while forcing your transmission while moving the gears to move. This can not only damage your transmission, but also your suspension and drive shaft.

Towing beyond the possibilities of your car
It's that easy if your car is not supposed to carry a heavy load. If your car has a certain transport capacity, you must not exceed the recommended weight limits. Towing loads your gear enormously, which can cause it to overheat.

Too little gear oil
If you have low transmission oil, the gears in your transmission will not be lubricated, causing them to drag together, overheat and eventually fails. You need to keep your transmission fluid at the optimum level to keep your transmission running smoothly.


Using the wrong transmission fluid

Your gear requires a certain type of gear oil to operate. Different types of gear oils have different viscosity levels and additive mixtures and are formulated for various vehicle transmissions. Using the wrong fluid for your transmission may result in your transmission not getting the necessary lubrication or cooling properties.

Your gearbox is not serviced
If you do not service your transmission regularly, dirt and debris can accumulate and cause your transmission to develop problems over time. The transmission power decreases and the parts inside wears out. If you ignore the regular maintenance of your transmission long enough, it may fail immediately.

Ignoring transmission problems
Most catastrophic problems are avoidable - there are warning signs along the way. Hearing strange sounds, car tremble, shiver or strangle. These are all early warning signs that something is wrong with your transmission. It is best to take your car to a certified transmission expert sooner or later if these warnings occur instead of waiting for the problem to worsen and repair becomes more expensive.

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