Monday, 25 November 2019

Typical Signs Of A Failing Car Heater Core

 A heating core is a device similar to a radiator that is used to heat the cabin of a vehicle. The radiator is the equipment under the hood of your car. The heater core and radiator are connected. The refrigerant passes through the heater core. When the fluid heats up, the core supplies heat that radiates through the heater of your vehicle. Therefore, it also plays an important role in your car's air conditioning system. The central function of the heater is to divide the work with the air conditioning compressor to reach the marking temperature. You can also defog the windshield and dehumidify the air in the cabin.

Let's look at the central symptoms of the bad heater:

Acrid smell in the car

The strange smell in your car is one of the main signs of a defective heater core. If you experience a pungent smell while using the cooling or heating system, then it is time to repair it properly. This strange smell is the sign that there is a leak of radiator
fluid. The refrigerant could also have spilled from the refrigerant container. Therefore, repair the entire system as soon as possible.

Refrigerant leaks

Another great sign of the damaged heater core is the leakage of radiator fluid into and out of the car. It is quite easy to suspect that there is a leak of coolant in the passenger-side car seat or that coolant spills on the ground. This happens when the system is colder than usual. The front seats of the cabin may have moisture if there are leaks.

Misty windows
Misty windows are also one of the main signs of a defective heater core. If the windows of your car fog up from the inside, then it is certain that your car faces problems with the heater core. It is an indication that the radiator fluid is leaking into the car cabin, which causes it to fog. The misty window function is also known as window condensation. Taking expert maintenance advice could be a good idea for the proper preservation of the car's cooling system.

Cooling system failure
If your cooling or heating system does not work properly, then it is the right time to give it a service or repair. The lack of heat inside the cabin will demonstrate the failure of the cooling system.

Other possible culprits
A heater that is not doing the job is a great warning sign, but the core is not always the problem. Other failed things like a fuse, the cabin air filter and the fan or the ventilation doors could also be the culprits. You should discard such things first because getting to the heater core is not an easy job that requires at least some mechanical skills.

These are some signs of a defective heater core that requires repair and maintenance. Read this article several times to really know if the heater core is damaged. Be sure to give your car a repair and service on time to avoid these problems.

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