Friday, 4 October 2019

Drivers Should Be Observant Of These 10 Common Car Issues

Cars will always develop problems. That is inevitable. The sooner you accept this fact, the better, as you do not have to worry about car problems. Imagine your car like any other mechanical or electrical device. It is not immune to a breakdown.

Closing your eyes to
car problems is a problem in itself, as the small issues get worse over time, you will be forced to spend a lot more money on issues that could easily be fixed with a few amount of money.

Here are 10 common problems with the car you should look out for:

Consumption of too much oil

Oil is a liquid that keeps your car alive. With this understanding, you realize how vital it is. But here's the thing, the whole idea is defeated when your car begins to consume excess oil. A large part of the oil is lost after it has consumed the required amount.

If oil problems occur, the oil lamp lights up on your dashboard. But that only happens when the problem gets serious. Do not wait until it happens. Check the oil tank regularly. Use the dipstick to measure the oil level and top it up when the recommended level is exceeded.

A car without oil leads to engine corrosion - this is because oil lubricates engine parts and allows a smooth flow. If no oil is added, it will cause cracks in some of these engine parts due to friction.

Wear and Tear

It is not uncommon for a car to wear off. The most expensive and durable cars develop these problems over time. The longer a car is used, the more likely it is to wear out. These are signs that the car's biological clock is ticking. It becomes a problem when they occur too soon and frequently. If you come in contact with too many tears, you should get an expert opinion.

Uneven tyre wear
Car tyres are changed regularly. After they have lived their lifespan, they start to wear off. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if your tyres are worn too often and unevenly, this indicates a persistent problem.

The weight of a car should rest on all four tyres so that everyone can carry it. If the suspension is misaligned, the weight will move toward a specific area, making it heavier. As a result, the tyres wear faster in this particular area than in other areas.

Radiation leaks

Radiation leakage problems are often caused by corrosion. Dealing with the corrosion itself solves the problem automatically. Contaminated oil, poor maintenance and manufacturing defects can negatively affect corrosion.

When the first leak occurs, you should know that it continues to occur. Repairing the radiator is not a good idea, as it can hardly be repaired properly. The best solution is to have it replaced. It is dangerous to drive a car that has problems with the radiator leakage. Your engine can not only overheat, but also be set on fire.

Worn brake pads

A number of problems with the car can be solved, but the brakes are not on this list. If your brake pads are bad, it is enough to say that your car is generally bad because it is dangerous to put a car with bad brakes on the road.
As a rule, the brakes are regularly maintained. In this way, you can identify problems before they fully manifest themselves or worsen to more serious problems. Do not wait until your brakes reach the point of total failure, as this can happen on the highway and the consequences are dangerous.

Problems with the emission system

The exhaust system includes tools that help your car minimize environmental pollution while functioning effectively. Some of these tools are very sensitive and can easily lead to problems. One of them is the oxygen sensor. The sensor informs the engine of the amount of oxygen to be added to the fuel mixture. If it is defective, the car engine starts to bother.

Transmission problems

The gearbox is used for speed control. Basically, the power generated by the engine is converted to torque for use of the wheels. Transmission gears wear off over time, which makes shifting gears problematic. Have it checked soon enough, because fixing a total failure is very costly.

Transmission oil leakage
The gearbox uses fluid for lubrication. In cars with automatic transmission, the fluid is also used as a coolant. If the gearbox is used over time, holes may be created that lead to leaks. Through these holes fluid leaks out that is to be used in the car, resulting in a defect.

Dead Battery
When the battery runs out, you can not do much with your car. If you leave the device switched on for too long, the battery will be discharged. Sometimes a jump is all you need to fix it, and sometimes you need a replacement.

Starter problems
If starting your car takes too long, there may be a problem with the starter. There is no reason to worry as the starter can be easily repaired - if you do not let it linger too long and degenerate.


The remedy for common car problems is early detection. Therefore, routine maintenance is recommended. Have your car checked regularly to find out about the condition.
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