Wednesday, 2 October 2019

5 Typical Signs Of A Bad Airbag Sensor

In a vehicle, an airbag is a great lifesaver. In the event of a traffic accident or emergency braking, these airbags protects against head injuries. With every failure of an airbag, the sensor lets you know via the dashboard light. However, drivers often notice that the airbag sensor light is unnecessarily flashing. This happens due to a malfunction of the airbag
sensor. Here are the 5 symptoms of a defective airbag sensor so you can fix the problem.

Airbag light
The most common and obvious symptom of a faulty airbag sensor is the flashing or flashing of the dashboard airbag display. This indicates that the function of the airbag is deactivated.

In most cases, the airbag warning light flashes in a certain pattern, e.g. For example, the indicator flashes twice, then stops and then flashes three times continuously. To learn more about these special codes, you should refer to the car manual.

Exhausted airbag battery

The depleted airbag battery remains one of the main symptoms of a faulty airbag sensor. The airbag battery will go dead when your car's battery is exhausted. This problem often causes the airbag sensor to flash. However, charging the vehicle battery eliminates the problem, and you should not see the airbag sensor indicator flash again.

Faulty Airbag Clock Springs 

The airbag clock spring is responsible for maintaining the consistency between the electrical wiring and the airbag by continuously intertwining in and out against the steering wheel. After some time, the circuit bands will start to wear out, causing the airbag system to inscribe a code error.
The problem is, the clock spring is pretty difficult to diagnose at home, which means you have to take your vehicle to an auto repair specialist who can determine the root cause of the issue by using a diagnostic scan tool. Replacement is needed if the issue is detected in the clock spring.

Damaged airbag module

The airbag module controls the entire airbag system and thus ensures safety measures. With regular exposure to moisture, corrosion forms and short circuits occur. The short circuit disturbs the entire wiring and therefore a code is generated on the dashboard. As a solution, the module can be reprogrammed or replaced depending on the severity of the situation.

You can also use the diagnostic tool to understand these codes, or take it to a specialist workshop.

Bad safety belt latch

It is possible to see that the airbag sensor is illuminated when the seat belt is not functioning properly.

If the belt tensioner is defective, the light will appear. The belt tensioner, as its name implies, maintains the tension or loosen the belt depending on the impact. This is one of the symptoms of a faulty airbag sensor.

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