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5 Important Car Tips For The Rainy Season

Most drivers only know the general rules for driving in rainy weather. This includes having the lights turned on. Slow down and keep the distance between your car and the next one. There is more behind it. You should know how to maintain your vehicle during the rainy season. Here are some important auto tips to keep in mind during the rainy season.

Keep your car clean

Many people believe that it is not
necessary to clean your car just because it is raining. That's wrong. In fact, you might think that the rain does the cleaning, but it damages the exterior of your car. This is because it leaves acidic deposits that erode the metallic parts of your car. If you want the look of your car to look good even in the rainy season, you need to clean your car. Before washing your car, use plenty of water to remove the debris. Then you can start to wash your car from the top with a soft cloth or sponge.

The most important places to look out for when cleaning your car are the windows, headlights and windshield. This gives your car better visibility. If you are not using your car, you can use a car cover to avoid dust and dirt on the outside.

Checking the battery and maintaining the wheels

The last thing you want to experience on the move is a battery malfunction. The weather can change unexpectedly and most battery problems occur during the rainy season. This is because the battery is overloaded and more pressure is exerted by the windshield wipers, the radio, the air conditioner, the headlights and much more. Before you hit the road in the rainy season, have a mechanic check the battery to see if it works properly.

If you want to drive safely during the rainy season, you should also consider the condition of your tyres. When driving on wet roads there is a high aquaplaning risk. Make sure the tires are in good condition. If they are worn, you may be able to replace them. Before driving on the road, check that the tyres are at the correct pressure as specified in the vehicle owner's manual.

Vision and Distance

Driving in the rain limits your vision. Because of this, in many places it is necessary for the headlamps and taillights to be on when driving in the rainy season. Checking the status of the headlights and taillights gives you a better view and other road users can better determine your location. Make sure they're on, and if you want the best view, dipped lights are the best. With the new technology we have LED headlights, which provide for stronger lighting and more driving safety.

Keeping your distance is another great tip for driving in rainy weather. Most accidents occur in the rain, as the ground is bad for vehicles. This means that the vehicles spin and get out of hand and cause accidents. Limit your speed and keep your distance to the next vehicle. When driving in rainy weather, it is recommended to maintain a distance that is three times the normal distance. It offers vehicles more space for traffic.

Check Wiper blades and Brakes
You may not have used the wipers for several months, especially in hot season. When the rainy season arrives, make sure the windshield wipers are working properly. For the best performance, you should change the wiper blades every year. This ensures continuous visibility.

You should also check that the brakes work effectively. If you have no experience, you can hire a specialist to check the condition of your brakes. Among the worrying areas are the brake pads and the brake discs. You should also check the color of the brake fluid and replace it if you find that the color looks like a fish sauce.

Have weatherproof accessories and Know the flow

The worst experience is the ingress of rainwater into the car. Not only can this be uncomfortable, it can also damage the items in your car. If you want to drive comfortably, you should bring the best weatherproof accessories, so that no water gets into the interior of your car. You can buy, among other things, trunk tubs, pedal caps and rubber mats.

Many drivers under-estimate the flow of water on the road and get carried away. It does not matter how big your car is, as long as the water moves, it can be carried by the running water. In situations where you have the opportunity to go through the water, it's great to know the depth and power of the water. If you know the two, you can determine if crossing is safe or risky.

Driving in the rain is sometimes inevitable. But if you know the most important tips for the rainy season, you can count on smooth journeys in any weather. Once you have found out the parts of the car that are affected by the weather, you can easily wait for them to enjoy your rides. By following the tips above, you can drive safely and protect other road users. These are simple tips that every car owner should know to avoid accidents and other bad situations during the rainy season.

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