Wednesday, 18 September 2019

7 Cars Mostly Used By Nigerian Politicians

It is not surprising that there is money in politics, and it is not wrong that Nigerian officials are among the highest paid civil servants in the world. This may not be enough for some of those politicians who would in any case make more money, making it extremely easy to afford a luxury car on the planet without a blink of an eye.

Senator Nigeria's estimated annual salary of N 162 million

and a basic salary of N 9 million are enough to buy a luxury car without having to steal public money. Some of these luxury cars are used as company cars for administrative purposes or may even be private cars.

Mercedes Benz S-Class

In Nigeria, there is hardly a big politician who does not own at least one Mercedes-Benz product.  The fact that Mercedes Maybach S560 (armoured) is used as the official car for the President of the federation is an evidence of the reputation of the German brand among the politicians. Mercedes-Maybach S 560 and 650 are two of the most sought-after sedans used by the world's leading politicians. In this way, they can easily be chauffeured in one of these S-Class models.
Toyota Land cruiser Prado
Another popular model that many Nigerians see with politicians or top officials is the Toyota Prado. It's looks stands for class, luxury, safety and performance. It's a rugged SUV that politicians like to use and can access most parts of the country, whether on soft or rough terrain. The fact that it is spacious and durable makes it a hotcake among the top politicians.

Lexus LX 570
Since the Lexus LX 570 shares some similar features with the Toyota Land-cruiser Prado and Toyota owns the luxury brand, it's another favorite product for these politicians. Like its counterpart, it is very robust, reliable, durable and powerful. To top it off, it's very attractive from the inside out. It is used by top politicians in most parts of the country for personal or public use. In fact, some states use it as the official vehicle for their governors.
Range Rover

Nigerian politicians are mostly luxury car lovers, as some of them could brag about having a very expensive garage. Range Rover is another model that you would find among many top politicians in Nigeria. For example, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the current governor of Lagos state, uses the armored Range Rover Sentinel as his official car. The Range Rover autobiography is also used by the governor of the state of Enugu for civil service. Without doubt, Range Rover is a very unique luxury brand that most Nigerian politicians own privately.
Toyota Hilux
Toyota Hilux may not be in the same category as the luxury cars mentioned above, but when it comes to the amount of Hilux bought for state functions, it's certainly one of the most used by politicians. In fact, many politicians use this Toyota product as part of their convoys.
The Hilux has been on the political scene for quite some time and we doubt that it will disappear soon. Sometimes Hilux products are used to run political errands or security forces following politicians while traveling.
Lexus GX 460/470
If you visit major states in the country like Abuja and Lagos, you do not have to look too far before you see lots of Lexus GX 460/470 on the way. It's another model that Nigerian politicians like to drive.
Mercedes Gwagon
We have already mentioned that there is a lot of money in Nigerian politics. The purchase of a Mercedes Gwagons should not be a problem for any of the country's leaders. The luxury and sturdy SUV may be very expensive, but you will find it among many politicians in the country.
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