Tuesday, 10 September 2019

4 Typical Signs Of A Failing Radiator

 The task of the radiator is to protect the engine from overheating. The engine generates heat during operation. The coolant absorbs this heat and then passes it through the cooler where it is cooled. The coolant is then returned to the engine. The radiator is the main part of the cooling system, so it is
important that it is in good condition. If you suspect that your radiator is defective, be aware of the following symptoms:

Leaking coolant onto the floor

The coolant flows through the radiator. Thus, if the radiator is leaking, coolant will leak to the floor under the vehicle. This can be while you drive or your vehicle is parked. To identify if your  radiator is leaking or cracked, you will need to do a pressure test to make sure the radiator is the cause. During this test, the condenser is pressurized and colored dye is added to the cooling system. When it runs out, the radiator may need to be replaced.

Vehicle overheated
If your vehicle is constantly overheating, the radiator may be defective. One of the most common problems with overheated vehicles is a defective radiator, as this is the only way to cool engine coolant. It may be that the problem has not been fully resolved. If left unattended, the engine will overheat and the vehicle will fail. In this case, the repair is much more extensive. It is therefore advisable to correct the problem as soon as the vehicle begins to overheat.

Mud in the cooler
The coolant in your vehicle should normally be yellow or green or red. If the cooler breaks down, contaminants will discolour the liquid, giving it a rusty or oily color. This will turn to sludge and the liquid can not cool the engine efficiently because it does not drain properly and remain in the cooler. This may be due to a defective radiator for vehicles that include a transmission radiator in the radiator. The barrier between coolant and transmission oil fails and the fluids mix. If you or a mechanic notices mud in your radiator, it must be replaced as it can seriously damage the engine and

Too little coolant
If the low coolant indicator lights up or the coolant tank is constantly refilling, there may be a leak in the radiator. Do not just refuel with coolant, but have your vehicle diagnosed properly.


Once you find coolant is leaking, your vehicle is overheating, there is not enough coolant, or the radiator contains too much mud, contact a mechanic to repair the cooling system.
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