Saturday, 3 August 2019

See Photos Of 2019 Lexus LC500,Soft Personal Luxury Coupe Perfected

 For the year 2019, Lexus has softened the LC500 and re-tuned the adaptive dampers for an even better ride. The automaker has also eradicated the sometimes unfavorable shifting behavior of the 10-speed automatic transmission, which we experienced in our test of a 2018 LC500. Deliberately, Lexus left the stunning styling inside and out alone, though we wished it had fixed the car's biggest mistake: the sophisticated touch-pad controller (which works like a laptop pad) for the dashboard's infotainment screen.

A smoother operator

Perhaps aware of our earlier criticisms of the

LC500's sometimes choppy, first-year handling of its large 21-inch wheel package and the option of rear-wheel steering with an artificial feel, Lexus sent us a LC500 2019, which did not have either . Instead, this LC powered on the 20-inch base wheels - whose Bridgestone Turanza summer tyres have larger, more forgiving side walls - and lacked rear-wheel steering. The omissions have helped highlight the trend of model year 2019 to a larger squish.

Not only does the LC500 travel beautifully in its standard comfort ride mode, where the electronically adjustable dampers meet the highest standards, but also drives easier overall. With no strange inputs from the rear wheels as you turn, the LC simply and effortlessly changes direction as it travels in a straight line. This remains a very unsportsmanlike car with well isolated steering and moderate cornering.
The only spicy aspect of the overall driving experience is the 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V-8. Without turbocharging and the concomitant increase in low torque, the LC accelerates on a shaft with ever greater thrust. Drop the hammer when the light turns green and the Lexus senses a slight torque. With increasing engine speed, however, the big coupe begins to race. The delayed onset of acceleration, just like the soft suspension, matches the comfort-oriented feel of the LC. Never does the V-8 whip your neck back, but it pushes you slowly into your seat with the skillful and firm touch of an experienced masseuse.

Built for comfort

Unnoticed, none of the minor changes for 2019 leads to surprising differences in the objective performance of the LC500. This test car was negligibly 0.1 second slower than last year's model and achieved that speed in a respectable 4.7 seconds, while its higher profile tyres on the brake pad produced significantly less grip (0.88 g vs. 0.93 g) than the 21-inch rubber. Braking performance was also impacted by the less aggressive tyres as the 2019 LC stopped from a speed of 120 km / h at 22 m or 13 m above the braking distance of the 2018 model.

Forty years ago, this fluid driver would probably have had opera windows and a vinyl roof, perhaps an eight-track player. Today it's a nervous knockout, a concept car that escaped the auto salon and was sold directly to the public. Its eye-catching appearance has not softened in the two years since its debut, but we can confirm that it's a bit muddier for 2019. That's the way it should be and it's great news for the upcoming convertible model.

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