Thursday, 1 August 2019

5 Significant Ways To Avoid Car Breaking Down During The Hot Season

As the hot season approaches it is very obvious that there might be slight challenges with our vehicles when making a short or a long journey.However, you can avoid getting stuck on the highway by
doing some simple maintenance on your car.

Follow the tips below and you will forever be grateful to Eliancars


Your car battery is dangerous because it is made of acid and water. The water in the battery evaporates faster at high temperatures and the lead plates remain free. When the weather gets cold again, it may not be possible to recharge the battery to start the car.

Before starting your journey, check that your tires are in good condition and that there are no scratches or cracks in the profile.  The rubber of a car tire can strongly decompose at high temperatures. This is even more true if the tire pressure is wrong. Heat can dry them out and cause them to blow out.And make sure they are well pumped up, since flat tires can significantly increase the risk of failure and even accident.


An engine without coolant is like a person without water - he does not survive and dies. Always keep an eye on the temperature gauge of your car.
You can also avoid a fault by regularly adding engine oil and coolant during the hot months.



An engine that runs at full heat needs all the lubrication it can get. Therefore, it is important in the hot months that you change the oil when needed. More frequent oil changes have a positive effect on the engine and performance of a car.
If you find that your car's temperature gauge is suddenly rising, it indicates that your car may need more coolant.


Fuel evaporates faster in a hot car than in a cold one, ensure that there is sufficient fuel in the tank.. Keeping your car in a shaded area and using it less at high temperatures speeds up fuel consumption. It may sound obvious, but refueling gas before a long journey is another important step.


We therefore urge drivers to get started on the basics of highway driving, including performing simple vehicle checks to keep us moving.

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