Monday, 26 August 2019

6 Ways You're Ravaging Your Car Without Realizing It

There are some things that you absolutely know will ruin your car: excessive smoking, major damage etc. Then there are the other smaller things that you probably will not even think about. If you want to getthe best out of your car, read this
handy list carefully.

You only fill your cooler with water

When driving hard or stuck in the heat of summer, untreated water can reach its boiling point under pressure from most
cooling systems. If the water then freezes in the cold, it can lead to serious devastation when expanding,for instance cracking the engine block. Use a 50/50 mixture of water and coolant in order to get adequate result.

You use the wrong oil

The thickness or viscosity of an oil is of enormous importance for the efficiency of its work. Your engine was designed for a specific viscosity. With very few exceptions, you will not see any benefit from changing your viscosity. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendation, which you will find conveniently in your operating instructions.

You do not give your car enough time to warm up

Your oil does not lubricate nearly as well in cold weather and all parts of your engine are designed to operate within a certain temperature range. What happens when you start your car and leave? You insist on everything hidden under the hood at the most vulnerable moments.
New cars are heating up much faster, but you still have to wait at least a minute before starting and driving.

You do not slow down for speed bumps or potholes

This will absolutely destroy the life of your shock absorbers and could damage the chassis of the car.

You do not fix the little things

A small mechanical problem can inevitably lead to a much larger problem. When the suspension pads come off, you observe excessive movement in the tyres, which increases wear and decreases stability. When the engine and transmission bearings come off, your transmission has more movement. This effect will cause serious damage to your car.

You ignore the Check Engine light

One of the most common misconceptions about cars is that a Check Engine light is not severe and can therefore be ignored. Sure, it does not always signal fate right away, but it means something's wrong with your engine. It could be a bit minor, but if left untreated, it could become something very expensive.


If your vehicle is going to function well at the long run is a function of the attention given to minor and major signals, automobiles experts has made it very easy for us to notice any unusual habit as regards our cars,recent cars now make it easier. It's now our responsibility to give it a quick check and solve the problem ASAP.
If you are careless with these signs listed above and it has lead to a minor or major issue,you can contact ElianCars for absolute solution.

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