Thursday, 25 April 2019

How To Detect If Your Car Frame Is Bent

 If you want to check if the car frame is bent, pay attention if the car requires extra strength or if there are uneven spaces in the doorways.

Automatic collisions frighten both the car repair and the car. The bent car body is an opportunity during collisions.

The good news is that the bent car frame can be repaired by trained techniques with the right tools.

In this message, we'll show you how to check the body and symptoms.

How to check body damage

If you've just been in a collision, it's important to take care of yourself first and take care of the car's condition later. The best way to check a bent

car body is to get it checked by a professional body repair at your local car repair shop.

Check for damage yourself by visually inspecting the vehicle under the outside and the car. Pay attention to unusual sounds, poor orientation, tyre unevenness, suspension and strokes. Read more about the symptoms of the bent car frame below.

Bent Car Frame Signs

If the collision bent the frame of your car, pay attention to the following symptoms.

The body is visibly bent or damaged

The easiest thing is also a sign of the worst damage to the frame. Walk around your car and pay attention to signs of rust, cracks or wrinkles inside or outside the frame. Next, safely come under your vehicle and look for signs of damage at the bottom of the chassis.


Car alignment is off

If a car pulls in one direction after a collision, it is a sign that the frame is likely to be bent. If you have made a correction and it still does not work in a straight line, get the frame revised.


Unusual car noise
When the car frames are bent, it can cause tearing, spotting or other unusual sounds. Sounds can come from either side, front and back. If you have heard these unusual sounds, you may want to check the frame from the car repair shop.

Uneven stroke and suspension wear

If the frame is bent, strokes and suspension will wear unevenly. Pages where the bent body divides the extra weight will wear faster. You can check for uneven wear on the strokes and suspension parts. If you see this sign, get the frame revised.

Uneven tyre wear

If the frame is bent, it can affect suspension and alignment, causing uneven tyre wear. If you keep rolling tyres and the vehicle still has uneven wear, there may be a sign that the body is bent.

Parts are not right

Doors, windows, bolts and fasteners are places where you can check the bent body. The frame is the foundation of any vehicle. If it is bent, these other parts and units will have too little or too much space and will show signs of stress or damage.

Wheels follow badly

If you are going straight ahead, but the car is diagonal, you have a bent frame. Some call it crab walking or dog walking when the vehicle does this. Vehicles must always be straight when driven in a straight line that is not angled on either side and still forward.


Car frame is a major part of a vehicle, in order to keep it in a good condition, it is advisable to give a regular inspection. By doing this it will prevent the risk of accident.


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