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5 Common areas that can cause a burning odor from your vehicle: 1) The clutch - can be caused by driving the clutch or by an exchange, 2) The brakes - can be caused by heavy brake use or by braking, 3) an electric Short circuit, 4) the heater - can be caused by deposits in the system or by a defective engine or 5) burning oil.
There are several causes that cause a burning smell in the car. Normally, it burns when two surfaces rub against each other. If you notice engine odors, stop driving immediately.

>> Car smells like clutch

Often a burning smell comes from your clutch. This can happen if you change gears. This is a special kind of burning, like burning newspapers. Basically, the face of the clutch burns down when the clutch slips. It smells like paper because the surface
of the coupling is actually a kind of paper composition. It is important that you learn how to use the coupling correctly to stop it. Do not drive with the clutch. If you do this too often, you may need to replace the clutch.

>>The brake

You can also develop a burnt smell from the brakes. This occurs when you brake or brake very hard. If you drive down a very steep hill and brake, that friction can get so big that your brakes smoke. This is not a problem if it happens occasionally. However, if you notice a burning smell from the brakes during normal driving, there is a problem. A caliper piston in the brakes may have gotten stuck, dragging the brake. If this is the case, you need to fix it. Another common cause of burned brakes is that people leave the handbrake or parking brake on while driving.

>>Electrical short circuit

Burning can also occur in the event of an electrical short circuit. The plastic around the wires, connectors or fuses will melt or burn, producing this smell. If the electrical system is not repaired, serious problems may occur when driving the vehicle. It's best for a mechanic to fix the problem as he can connect your car to a computer, then quickly tell the operator where the electrical problem is.

>>Burning smell from the heater

You want to check the ventilation of the heater if you notice a burning smell. If you have not used your heater for a long time, there may be dust in the system. However, if you use it regularly and there is still a burning smell, pine needles or other debris may be in the trigger. Many people find that a plastic bag in the engine generates a burning smell. The heater itself could break and cause a burning smell of antifreeze entering the heater vent. You can also melt parts of the heater core itself, which causes combustion odor. This is usually in the heating engine. If the smell from the heater gets very bad and you have no deposits in the engine, you probably need to check the mechanics of the heater.

>>Burning oil

If you have an oil leak and then fall on the hot exhaust while driving, you will smell burned when you get out of the car. This phenomenon can be very obvious when driving on big hills, as the exhaust gets very hot. You cannot tell the burning smell in the car, but when you get out of the car, this is very clear. In addition, the burning oil can produce vapors.

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