Monday, 28 January 2019


It can happen to anyone anytime, anywhere. Therefore, it is always better to prevent car theft than to face it. Aside from the obvious aspects, such as blocking the door, leaving the car unattended, or using the keys, here are six great tips to prevent potential thieves from becoming the destination of your trip.

Practice safe parking
During the day, find a park close to high-traffic areas, such as entrances, to prevent theft from going unnoticed. Many commercial buildings have cameras that capture the areas closest to the entry and exit points. Find well-lit areas at night. This will also be safer for you as you return to your vehicle to see everything around your
vehicle and detect potential hazards in the area.

Turn them off with a kill switch
Once a thief breaks your vehicle, your goal is to start it without the key; an easy task if it is an older vehicle and the perp is an expert in hot wiring. If you have a mechanical tilt, installing a cut-off switch that cuts off the connection between the ignition and the fuel pump or battery will prevent any movement of the vehicle. This switch must be hidden in an area that is unlikely or difficult to reach (such as a closed glove compartment). Anything that stops the thief will frustrate them enough to move toward another goal.

Get an alarm
Protecting your vehicle with a car alarm is a clever decision. A thief will think twice before breaking into a car that is sounding, moaning and turning on its lights at any sign of violation. Even if you can not afford a good alarm system, simply having a flashing alarm LED and / or a sticker indicating that your car is protected will offer an element strong enough to deter theft.

Keep valuables hidden
The goal is to make your vehicle a less attractive destination. If a thief sees an iPod, a detachable navigation system and two designer curtains on the front passenger seat, the vehicle will be more attractive. Do not wait until you reach your destination to hide your valuables. If someone watches as you fill your trunk with expensive items and then leave, you've just turned your car into an attractive target.

If you have a garage, use it
You may think your car is as safe as possible after parking outside your home, and in some cases you have no alternative. However, if you are lucky enough to have a garage or other enclosed space, use it! This is the surest way to prevent a person from gaining access to your vehicle.

Your E-brake is vital
Although it is less common for some thieves to use tow trucks to lift their vehicle (intentionally). Always squeeze the emergency brake as hard as possible to make it difficult to tow your vehicle. Turning the wheels to the right or to the left and activating the parking brake also reduces the accessibility of the illegal and unwanted trailer.

In general, thieves never want to face a car that presents a challenge, so each of these deterrents provides some protection. If you use them all together, it will be very difficult to have your car stolen.

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