Wednesday, 9 January 2019


Is there someone who doesn't want to drive faster? All engine heads enhance engine power to make their vehicle more efficient and effective. Even if you are not enthusiastic about the mechanism, you must love a little more power in the combustion chamber, aren't you? In fact, who wouldn't die waving these adorable teenagers when they cross their car on the highway?

5 easy tips to increase engine power 

Your car needs to be burned more quickly in the fuel chamber. You cannot do this by adding oil due to limited engine capacity. The most important thing is to change it in order to be able to work more with air and fuel. You can do these five things to increase engine power and drive your car faster
than ever before:

1) Use cold air intake (CAI)

It is the cheapest and easiest way to increase torque and horsepower. CAI is an aftermarket unit that helps to draw air into the cold and dense. Air mixes with fuel, and together they burn to produce power. Condensed air means more air and more air in the cylinder to burn.

2) Reduce weight

It makes sense that a light car moves faster than a heavier counterpart. You need to replace the big parts, not just in the engine block, but in the lighter parts of the entire vehicle. Get rid of extra seats, throw unused items into the frame, replace glass windows with acrylic and replace the traditional brakes with the brakes. These things make the car more aerodynamic and help the engine use more power.

3) Install a performance chipset

There is an automatic system that controls the operation of all the latest car models. For example, an internal computer system can control anti-lock brakes, gas burn speed, timing, etc. There are after-market vessels that can hack into the system and override the factory settings. Replace the factory chip and use it to increase engine power.

4) Attach the cat back to the exhaust system

Discard the factory exhaust pipe and the exhaust silencer and attach the new decoupling system behind the catalyst. The combination of a high flow cat converter and an exhaust fitting increases airflow and torque to improve horsepower. It really works by pushing the exhaust fumes faster, increasing space for air and fuel.

5) Invest in a forced induction system

Bring the compressor or turbocharger to the engine mechanism and see how it increases torque and horsepower. These tools can increase engine power by over 50%! These jobs produce more air in the engine block, allowing it to burn more fuel and produce more horsepower.


Turbo can significantly increase engine horsepower without significantly increasing its weight, which is a great benefit that makes turbo so popular. The advantage of compressing air is that the engine compresses more air into the cylinder and more air adds fuel. Improving the engine power is very essential to our cars, which increases the car’s lifespan more.
Note: You can always enjoy good things you invest into your car, your car is also your baby.

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