Thursday, 13 December 2018


Depending on which vehicle you drive and the type of road you drive, you can choose from many options if the brakes do not work when driving.

They may stop working due to friction of the brakes when driving water or mechanical. If you lose the brake fluid, the brake light appears on the dashboard.

A sudden brake failure is very unlikely. Even if your brakes do not work well, you can still apply braking force by pressing the brake pedal more difficult.

In some countries, there are fast evacuation bands located on long mountain ranges, so that vehicles that lack braking can be used, but they are not everywhere. However, let's first talk about the most flat roads.

Get out of the way with a different move
Another move must know what you are doing,
so your indication is important. If you want to move to the left of the road or the belt, please report and try to go to the gap.
On the hard-shoulder highway, try to get to your hard shoulder, because it's less likely that you'll find something you can hit when you slow down.

Pump the brakes
If the pedal is on the floor, pump it several times, and then press it on the floor. It may not be a lot of braking, if the pedal seems stiff, is there anything like a floor mat under it?

Give clear signals
Turning on the warning lights alerts other drivers that you are experiencing difficulties. Use your horn.

Use gears
The lower gears provide more motor and mechanical resistance - this is called a motor brake. Nevertheless, be careful not to overturn the engine. When you lose your speed, you may have to go down the gears. In a vehicle with manual transmission, this is exactly true. In a car with automatic transmission, you may have an L setting or you can have in-line gears with the clip on the back of the steering wheel or down by the gear lever. Continue to shift gears every time the red line falls below a few thousand. Your engine braking will reduce your speed to 5-10km / h, but no more - your car will continue to slide forward.
 Do not reverse your car as you move forward, as you are at risk of causing serious damage to your gearbox. 

Turn on air conditioning and accessories
The air conditioner must be set to the coldest setting with the highest fan speed. This will absorb several kilowatts of power. Opening all accessories, such as your heated rear window and lights, will create a bit of drift in the alternator.

Use handbrake
Do not pull the parking brake at high speed because there is a risk of spinning. There is also the risk of overheating and ineffective. Wait until the engine braking speed drops below 20 km / h, then slowly apply the handbrake. If the parking brake works only on the rear wheels and they slip, you lose control, so be careful.

Can you apply an electric parking brake while driving?
If you have a newer hydraulic parking brake / electric parking brake, most modern cars perform a controlled deceleration if you hold the key.


  1. Thanks for this Elian cars. I had such experience recently on a very low speed and had to use the gear to control. Now I know using the gears in case of brake failure can cause a lot of damage. Thanks for the eye opener. You rock!

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