Monday, 31 December 2018


The car fire is by far one of the most terrifying experiences with car owners. It is obvious that no one wants to see his beloved four-wheeled vehicle catch fire. Yet, many people do not know how and why this incident occurred. For this reason, we will list the 6 most common causes of car fire.

1) Bad maintenance

Of course, the most common causes of car fire are human errors. Many people think that lounging is not such a big problem. However, if your vehicle owner delays the maintenance schedule, you will unknowingly increase the risk of a vehicle fire.
Without maintenance, you will not be able to detect
and repair broken parts, gaskets and cables. Your vehicle is slowly getting into the fire. For example, a faulty seal in the engine drips liquids that are amazingly flammable. To prevent this, take your car to the car dealer immediately.

2) Accident

Even if it depends on the impact, a car accident can cause an explosion and even be considered as one of the causes of car fire. Many people think that cars are designed to protect the interior very well. However, sheet metal is not really a barrier, so a hard blow can actually cause leaks and fluid leaks. And it's the perfect condition to light a fire.
In addition, we cannot see the damage done to a car in a crushed vehicle to find out if they will cause a fire

3) Fuel system leaking

We are now discussing one of the most common causes of vehicle fires: fuel leaks in the system. There are many factors that can cause a fuel leak, which makes it very dangerous. Car fluids have flammable and toxic properties, but are in no way exposed to the risk of gasoline. Gasoline can ignite at a simple spark or at a temperature of 45 degrees.
We recommend that you ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained and always check the leak before deployment or not. We recommend moving away from the accident as soon as possible.

4) Failure of the electrical system

Like many car owners, we know that car batteries are problematic. In fact, failures of electrical systems are so annoying that they take second place on the list of common causes of vehicle fires. Failure of the electrical system can create sparks, ignite leaking vapors, or cause liquid waste. As the wiring of doors, canals to seats or carpets runs, a fire can be triggered at any point in your vehicle, if something is wrong in the system.
Once again, take your car to the car mechanics to check the schedule to avoid the electrical system problem.

5) Batteries for electric vehicles

Electric vehicle batteries were the problem of auto mechanics long ago. Even with the world's safest car, automakers still have to run many tests on vehicles that catch fire during the crash. For most of these problems, escaping coolant is one of the major causes of vehicle fires. It interacts with the damaged batteries that produce sparks and flames.
This problem is annoying because with each new design there are always new potential risks.

6) Overheated engine

We come to one of the most common causes of car fire: overheated engine. An overheated engine causing a fire on your car may seem impossible, but it actually results in many incidents.
The heat from the engine will cause the oil and coolant to rise and could escape from the traffic areas. And when that happens, the internal liquids drip into the exhaust system, the engine compartment and many other hot parts of the car. And as you all know, they spread and catch on easily.

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