Monday, 10 December 2018


Did you know that the average age of a car is just 11 years? However, it is possible that your car will look good for a few years and sound good. Not by replacing every part of the car, but simply by rethinking your driving habits. Read on for some tips to keep your car on the road longer!

Follow the recommended maintenance schedule: - Not only can you rely on your vehicle to function
properly, but you can also extend the life of the vehicle overall. In addition, there will be lower gas bills and fewer emergency bills.

1. Using the sidewalk to park damages the tires: - Waiting for the crunch when the wheels touch the sidewalk is part of the parking arrangement for drivers who are not sure when it comes to parallel parking. Yes, this method ensures that the car is positioned correctly, but the tires will be damaged and more likely to cause an accident. There are many cars available that are parked in parallel.

2. Do not accelerate in the engine, especially in low temperatures: - The oil gets thicker when it's cold. When this happens, the oil cannot spin as easily and the engine components do not receive proper lubrication.

3.Do not turn off the car for a long time on cold days:- When it is cold, more energy is needed to start the engine and burn the gas. Leaving the engine idling heats the engine too slowly and emits more pollution. In addition to causing damage to the environment, these emissions can block the catalytic converter and, ultimately, destroy it. It is better to wait a little while (30 to 60 seconds if it is more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and no more than five minutes if it is below zero) and then drive it gently. In addition, the catalytic converter is one of the most expensive parts to replace due to expensive precious metals.

4. Avoid mounting the brakes:- Knowing that you can brake, the brakes instantly can make you feel more secure, but in reality you are preparing for a major brake failure when you need it most. The slight and constant pressure on the brakes generates heat, which makes them less effective. It also wears the pads, rotors and drums.

5. The earth hurts:- Dirt and other organic materials can accumulate and damage the paint in your car. Organic material, such as bird droppings and sap, can ruin the top and transparent layer of your paint faster than you think. When the paint starts to peel, your car will be more exposed to moisture, which causes the metal to rust.

6. Do not mount the clutch:-When you are not sure about driving a manual transmission, keeping one foot on the clutch is too easy. But, this causes premature wear and ultimately will result in a clutch failure.
7. Speeding is harmful to the engine:- It makes it work harder and eventually it will wear it down. Fuel consumption also increases. You can improve your gas mileage up to 15 percent by driving at 55 km / h instead of 65 km / h.

8. Accelerate and brake suddenly: - In addition to consuming more fuel than necessary, this style of driving puts a strain on vehicle components.

9. Engine wash pressure: - By spraying a jet of water at high power, the clean engine will surely be obtained, but it will also move or break the seals, the electrical components or the hoses that make it functional. If you really want to clean the engine, use a normal garden hose.
10. Carrying too much:- The more transport, the more wear and tear on the components of the car because they will have to work harder to stop and start. In addition, you will also burn more fuel. Whenever you can, travel light!

11. It is easy to make your car last a long time: - Obviously, there will be a point for each owner when it is more profitable to update it. In addition, manufacturers are making progress all the time when it comes to technology, fuel economy and safety. If it is time to replace your vehicle


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