Saturday, 15 December 2018


December is here and so it's the best of the year's cars. For car buyers, December has the highest annual breakthroughs and inspirations, according to motorists. Among the dealers are trying to achieve quotas at the end of the year, and consumers are facing a low-cost car, December is a great deal to get a good profit from the car.
Like any major shopping, preparation is important for buying a car. It's easy to find your dream car during the heat of summer and in the fall, but that may be a great time to buy. Instead, it is a good step to use the first months of the year to do your homework, and then, if the time is between November and Eve New Year's Eve, find it best for you.

Here are a few reasons why December is a good time to buy a car.

New models: - September, October, November, and December are the months when manufacturers usually try to make room for new models at
stores. Especially in September, a number of automotive manufacturers have launched new models in the coming year that dramatically lower the value of the models in the current year. Come december, the prices for the whole year will drop. For the buyer, these factors work for you to save you money. For car manufacturers, the quota is highly rated on the track. Car dealers make the most money on the latest vehicles. The longer the car is sold, the more customers can expect big savings from the sticker price.

Holiday shopping: - When the holidays appear, planning your annual shopping list is at the top of the list of tasks and buying a new car can be the last thought in mind. However, during the holiday shopping season, cars are still falling in price, while vendors are monitoring vendor retailers to compete for buyers' dollars. Dealerships have since joined the black Friday stores and have been continuously cutting prices until December.

Holiday bonuses: - The hard work that you have brought throughout the year can bring a spectacular holiday bonus. The combination of holiday bonus and more favorable car prices means that December can be the best opportunity to take advantage of a preferential income and much of it throughout the year.

Smooth movement: - You may feel anxious about whether your old car can survive another hard winter. Year after year, you may be disturbed by the money you spend on repairs caused by wear and stress due to the lack of reliable transportation. Since the threat of snow and freezing rain in many areas begins to hide in December, this is another reason to block a safe and reliable car.

Better decision making (and leverage):- When in the cold winter months, traffic at dealerships slows down, sellers usually need more time to talk in detail about the car you are interested in, show similar models, consider features, safety problems and much more. You will also have a leverage that you might not have had for earlier, tense months with impatient car buyers. Use an empty representation to your advantage and ask all the questions on your mind, do not be afraid to bargain.


  1. Very true. I never thought of many of these points before. Great work Elian Cars!