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Aesthetics of the brand

The aesthetics of modern luxury is characterized by a timeless beauty, a combination of high-quality technology and craftsmanship, as well as a reduction to what is really important. The goal is to arouse the desire of the brand. The atmosphere created by the project carries a reduced, but not distant appearance that is modern and timeless. Black and silver are the dominant colors that create a scene for highlights, but also stage innovations complemented by a warm color range. Natural materials, such as leather and wood, give a sense of affordability and can be harmoniously combined with technical innovations and innovations. Modern graphic elements that contain typical Mercedes style idioms or refer to the brand, strengthen the brand's identity.

External appearance: sporty, dynamic, emotional

Characteristic elements of the exterior design of Mercedes-Benz vehicles include striking radiator grilles, dynamic side lines and sensually
moving surfaces that largely eliminate folds.

A striking radiator grille

Regardless of the variant: the Mercedes-Benz radiator grille always contains a noble, confident and timeless aesthetic. They dominate in the progressive front project with a deeply stretched, stretched mask. Only Mercedes-Benz offers branded and specific for the target group variants of the radiator grille for its products, for example with a centrally located star (Avantgarde variant for Mercedes-Benz) and a star standing vertically on the body (Exclusive outside).

Calm, dynamic side lines

The vehicle is visually lengthened by a longer wheelbase and single lateral discharge lines run along the side. The cabin has been slightly moved towards the back, thus creating a large dimension of prestige. The prestigious dimension determines the distance between the A-pillar and the front axle. The greater the prestige dimension, the longer and more impressive the appearance of the mask. This contributes to the unique proportions of Mercedes-Benz, which convinced and aroused passion among generations of onlookers.

Reduced lines, sensual surfaces

Mercedes-Benz carries out sophisticated technology and arouses emotions with clean shapes and sensual surfaces. The extreme reduction of creases and lines emphasizes the elegant body of the vehicle and structures it with light and shadow. The Mercedes-Benz design creates unexpected shapes while being emotional and fascinating.

Interior design: new ways

A modern interpretation of luxury requires emotional, authentic experiences. With this in mind, the bipolarity of traditional craftsmanship and sophisticated technology is also the center for interior design at Mercedes-Benz. The vehicles fill with sensual purity, setting standards in precision and quality with an exceptionally high level of finish. The interior of the new A-Class and the next GLE Mercedes-Benz consistently continues, just as it intends to completely restructure the interior.

Avant-garde instrument panel

The unique architecture of the interior is distinguished primarily by the avant-garde design of the dashboard. For the first time in Class A, the traditional cockpit cover was completely abandoned. As a result, the main body of the wing-shaped box extends from one front door to the other without visual discontinuity.

Floating widescreen display

The Class A instrument panel is clearly divided into two three-dimensional horizontal sections: the lower part is visually separated from the main body of the instrument cluster by means of an "excavation" and appears to float in front of the instrument cluster. Optional ambient lighting enhances this effect, emphasizing the free impression of the substructure. The lower part of the dashboard also provides the basis for ventilation vents that look like turbines and a completely free-standing panoramic display in front of the driver's seat. The new GLE will also be equipped with a free-standing cockpit display that seems to float as well as a new, lightweight image and sporty emphasis on the driver. This is emphasized by the lower part of the body, with deeply embedded wooden finishing strips with door panels. This generates great emphasis on the width of the vehicle and the impression of space, as in luxury class limos, to create an unusual feeling of elegance and security.

A new turbine appearance

By omitting the cockpit cover, the main part of the dashboard with the finish extends from one entrance door to the other behind a seemingly free-to-view panoramic screen. Decorative elements are so-called "wrapped", and the choice of materials (eg Wood with open pores) underlines progressive, modern positioning as the highest interior in this class. In total, five circular vents in Class A gain a new turbine look inspired by the world of aviation. Finely designed air blades in a concentric arrangement create the impression of a jet turbine turbine. As part of one line of equipment, the vent is highlighted in color at the back of the vent's geometry, which gives the impression of an afterburner. The ventilation holes in the interior are driver-oriented, which emphasizes the sporty character of the interior. In the new GLE, central jets, also known as square nozzles, with a fourfold design known from the S-Class and E-Class, are displayed in a surprising SUV style to emphasize their width. The interior has been designed with great attention to detail, so that lighting is like never before.

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