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When it's time to change the engine oil, it can be daunting to go to the car store and face the wall of products of different brands, types of base oil, viscosity and a wide range of prices. Many people have no idea what product should be used, and wrong choices can lead to costly repairs. If you decide to do your own service, what should you look for and what considerations should you take before buying engine oil?

  1.     Do you run a vehicle powered by petrol / LPG or diesel? Why is this important? Gasoline and diesel engines generally require different types of oil additives to protect them and meet the standards for which they have been designed. Some engine oils have specifications for gasoline and diesel, but some do not, and some engines, such as diesel engines equipped with a diesel particulate filter, require specialized additive kits and must meet specifications specified by the manufacturer.

      2. Do you know the correct viscosity of the engine? ie 10W-30, 15W-40, 0W-20 These       numbers are misleading for most people. Basically, the lower the first number, the faster the oil will pump, the colder and the higher the second, the less oil will decrease at operating temperature. Manufacturers usually specify or indicate an indication of the correct viscosity or choice depending on the ambient temperature at which the vehicle is operating. Newer engine types, such as those with multiple upper camshafts and multivalves, typically require lower viscosities, i.e. 5W-30, while older, larger capacity, pusher engines may require higher viscosity, i.e. 20W-50. Choosing the right viscosity can improve fuel consumption and long-term engine protection depending on the engine environment.

3.  Are car or car specific specifications for petroleum products such as API, ACEA, JASO or ILSAC? Manufacturers for specific carriers display small glasses for gases that should be used in their cars to provide them with the security they need to work well on the car's location. The oils and the additions used in them have improved well over the past two years. The next time it describes, it is good for the protection, sanitation and patent sludge. Full details will appear in the master's manual and you can read them using the specified API SL or ACEA A3 / B4. Particular attention is to be paid in this area with long-term carriers as the manufacturer of the product will show special characteristics for various metals. The use of the wrong or higher product than is reasonably priced may affect the calculation and void service at other times.

   4. Does the director point out that oil should meet if each one needs or needs their OEM record? Many vendors in the world, have their own oil pipes and that they will identify the oil you meet and that they have been approved according to OEM requirements. Use of an oil that is not in accordance with their information or is not approved may result in the warranty as described if the item is a mistake with the device. Again, the master's instructions contain all the details of the oil you need. For example: Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen and General Motors have specific ideas for gasoline oil and diesel. If your vehicle needs an approved OEM product, directions are definitely specific on the trademark logo.

    5.Minerals, Symptoms or Predicts? What kind of oil should you buy for your husband? What's the difference? These are the oils used . All three oils have their benefits for specific purposes and are available on many viscosities and details. There often will be the amount of money between giants with synthetic is the most expensive. Some producers will tell the oil and some will recommend a mineral oil based on engine and equipment. You should take the best oil that is suitable for your application.

   6.  How are you using the car? Have a train on a day to travel? Does the car make a high elevation or a mileage? Is the car used to break? What kind of air does the car work normally? These and other questions may help to identify such fuel in the car. For example, if the boat carries out strong oxygen and is always under load, perhaps the highest level of stress will provide long-term security. If the car operates in a low temperature or in the previous light, we may need a lower viscosis. This is an idea that should be used when receiving appropriate attention for a husband. If you use frequent use of a motorcycle or carrier, you may want to take an oil that has a storage folder as part of your pocket.

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