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Infiniti QX30 is a luxury crossover, which is the Q30 hatchback version. It competes with small premium SUVs, such as the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA, with which it shares many parts.

The interior is raised straight from Q30 - you get a Mercedes switchboard and great workmanship, but also a slightly unimaginable construction. The passenger compartment is, at best, sufficient and the boot capacity is medium.

On the road, the QX30 is one of the most engaging crossovers for driving thanks to its nicely calibrated suspension and heavy steering. It's mainly about convenience, as evidenced by the quiet cabin at highway speeds.

Buyers in the UK can only specify it with a 2.1-liter diesel engine (Infiniti calls it a 2.2-liter engine) and a seven-speed automatic transmission - a good combination, but the lack of choice will certainly discourage some. The four-wheel drive is standard, so the

QX30 has a high grip, but also higher operating costs than rivals on two wheels.

Although expensive, the QX30 is well-equipped with a seven-inch touch screen, DAB radio, satellite navigation, air conditioning and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Infiniti emphasizes that the interior of the QX30 is completely unique, but it seems that the control of the infotainment system, air conditioning and seating position is exactly the same as in the GLA Mercedes. This is not a bad thing, because the GLA has a classic cabin that is well built. However, the rest of Infiniti's interior looks quite similar to the latest models of rivals, and some of the plastics are annoyingly tacky, although it must be admitted that this is a very difficult class.

The seven-inch screen information and entertainment system is an internal solution, but in comparison with rivals it is slow and the graphics are somewhat outdated. The i-Drive system in the BMW X1 is much better.

Passenger space Infiniti QX30

This is where the QX30 fights - just when the rivals have begun to pay special attention to the rear passengers' space, Infiniti has a sloping roof and massive front seats that will make anyone over six feet feel in it. Front space OK, but the same applies to all QX30 competitors.

Cargo space Infiniti QX30

Despite the large share in GLA, the QX30 has a luggage compartment with a capacity of 51 liters smaller and there is no Mercedes floor warehouse. Its 430-liter capacity is slightly larger than the Audi Q3 and BMW X1, both of which have 420 liters of cargo space.

Infiniti spent a lot of time testing QX30 on British roads and reviewers say it shows. It is a comfortable car, in which only the largest holes are felt, but the soft suspension leads to a clear movement of the body in the corners - this is not a good solution for passengers susceptible to car illnesses.

Partly thanks to the heavy steering, the Infiniti is by far a better car than the Mercedes GLA it is based on. This allows you to easily learn the traction constraints on the B road, but also makes maneuvering at low speed more tiring.

QX30 is also useful on the highway, where the impressive sound attenuation works wonderfully, and the cabin remains quiet during a stable cruise. But push the throttle, and the rattle under the hood is hard to mask.

Visibility to the rear is one of the worst in its class, and parking sensors are not standard. They are part of the Tech Pack 1060 GBP package, which includes a keyless entry.

The Infiniti is equipped with only a 2.1-liter diesel, automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

On paper, the engine sounds good - at 170 hp and a speed of 0-62 hp, of 8.5 seconds, it is fast, but with fuel savings of 57.6 m3 and CO2 emissions of 128 g / km (with a tax of 110 pounds ) means that it is also quite economical.

However, this is an old Mercedes unit and no sound can hide the engine's ratchet at idle and full throttle. Interestingly, the Mercedes models have a completely new, 2.0-liter engine that is much smoother.

The QX30 also receives a seven-speed Mercedes automatic transmission. Wisely selects gears and changes quickly, but in the Mercedes range has already been withdrawn and replaced with a nine-speed unit, which for us is even better.

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