Friday, 24 July 2020

Top 5 Signs Of Faulty Ignition System In Your Car

 There are many things that needs to happen to start a car, but the first is turning the key, or in some cases pushing a button on newer cars. In any case, the ignition starts a series of events that cause the car's engine to pump. If you experience no start or a hard start, this may be due to faulty ignition. Look out for these common signs of ignition problems.

Key does not turn

If the key does not turn, make sure the ignition lock is not locked by turning the steering wheel back
and forth until it locks into place. If the key still cannot be turned, the ignition may wear excessively, preventing the key from being properly aligned with the key slot. This may require the entire ignition to be replaced.

Stalling engine

A complex symptom that can be caused by various mechanical problems is the engine stalling. However, if it is ignition related, it mostly happens when your car is driving down the highway and not idling.

Flickering dashboard lights

One of the simpler signs of an ignition problem is flickering dashboard lights. While this is not very common, it is a relevant sign of a problem. This usually happens while driving if the problem is related to the ignition.

No sound from the starter
If you turn the key and nothing happens, there is a good chance that the ignition switch will not be able to create the electrical path required to power the battery to the starter. This can also be caused by an empty battery. You can test this by checking if other accessories work in the car, e.g. the radio or the electric seats when the key is turned on. If the battery is not empty, it is reasonable to believe that there is an ignition problem.

Car doesn't start
Perhaps the most common sign of ignition problems is a car that doesn't start. You can get your car to start the engine, but it is usually quite slow if the ignition has problems. This is usually due to circuit corrosion that is directly related to the ignition system and prevents the correct flow of current.

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