Saturday, 18 July 2020

7 Simple Ways To Replace Car Battery Terminals

Batteries are a must in every car, and battery clips act as a bridge between the battery and charger. Over time, the battery poles become brittle and corrode. It becomes a problem for car owners and they start looking for a replacement for the battery terminals with little effort.
This section describes in a few short steps how to change a battery terminal. Let's proceed:

Open the hood.
Open the hood and find out
the battery terminals that you need to replace. These connectors are located on the top of the battery and contain a (+) or (-) sign. You must first remove the (-) terminal to avoid electrical shock or short circuit.

Loosen the clamp nuts.

There is a nut on the side of each connector. Loosen the nut by turning it with an adjustable wrench.

Move the clamps.

Move the terminal away from the battery node. Take it with a rag or towel. Don't let it come in contact with the knot. Remove the positive pole with the same steps.

Remove the wire plate.

Now carefully remove the wire plate from the screws and lay it aside. Since the clamps are already separated at this point, users can remove the plates with their hands.

Replace clamps and wire plates.

Restore the old battery terminals with the new ones. Change the wire plates in the same way after removal.


Secure various parts.

Place the washer and the screw head indicated with the new battery pole one after the other on the vertically placed screw. Turn the screw head to secure the wire plates. If you have only one nut with the battery post, tighten the screw.


Attach the clamp nuts.

Use a rag to put the positive and negative connections back on the nodes (+) and (-) one after the other. Tighten the negative terminal nut with the wrench. Perform the same action on a positive pole to complete the replacement of the battery terminals.


Make sure that you switch off the vehicle and remove the key from the ignition before starting the process for safety reasons.

After completing the steps, check whether the terminal can be easily removed or not. Only a tight nut guarantees a secure connection.


We tried to explain the procedure for replacing battery terminals. Remember that you must follow all steps and heed the warnings to ensure complete security.
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