Tuesday, 24 March 2020

CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: Ford Launches Program To Facilitate Payments For New Vehicles Purchased

Ford Motor Company, which has seen its stock price drop nearly half in the past month, is working to give customers a reason to buy a vehicle during the Coronavirus Outbreak. While buying a new car may seem like the furthest thing from most people's minds
right now, to others, it could be a necessary expense, especially for a company or anyone who suddenly doesn't have a necessary vehicle.

Ford says the "Built To Lend A Hand program" was developed with the participation of its dealer network. The automaker offers six months of "payment relief" to eligible customers who purchase their new vehicle through Ford Credit's financing arm. Ford says it will pay for three months in advance and customers can choose to defer payments for up to three more months for a total of six months without making a payment. The program is designed for consumers looking to purchase existing 2019 and 2020 model vehicles, with the exception of 2020 Super Duty trucks. "As we accomplish in the Great Recession, Ford is managing the coronavirus crisis in a way that safeguards our business, our workforce, our customers and our dealers during this important period, "Ford CEO Jim Hackett said in a press release on Thursday.

Although most auto manufacturers' assembly lines around the world are idle, both Ford and GM are in talks to begin manufacturing much-needed medical equipment for the medical community as it prepares to fight Coronavirus.

FORD....Go Further.....

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