Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Audi e-tron EV Gives A Free Solar Power Subscription When Purchased

The first Audi electric vehicle, the e-tron off-road vehicle, now has access to external solar power, which is limited to 3000 customers. According to Audi and
the company's partner, the clean energy provider Arcadia, the 10-year subscription will contain enough electricity to offset the cost of around 2400 miles a year.

The offer applies to both new and used e-tron vehicles from 2019 that will be sold from February 4, 2020. The point is not to bring the car to the sun under solar panels, but in a way that is invisible to the consumer. After logging in, customers pay their electricity bills through Arcadia, with the credits or savings generated by the removed solar panels calculated and applied to the customer's bill.

This eye-catching idea is part of Audi's “Mission: Zero” program, in which the company aims to be carbon neutral. According to Audi, this partnership and subscription can offset 22,000 tons of carbon dioxide or 2.3 million gallons of gasoline. In addition, some E-Tron owners could save cash, which is always a nice bonus.

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