Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Major Indications Of Faulty Car Valve Train

The valve train is not a motor that laymen throw around all the time, but it can often be responsible for some of the most common noises and shocks that car owners drive to neighboring car care centers. The valve train is the mechanism by which your engine's valves are raised and closed. They must be lubricated to ensure smooth operation. Otherwise, the operation of your engine may
become noisy or in some cases fail.
Although even the best-maintained vehicles can experience valve train problems, there are some common errors that can cause them to occur as follows:

• A drop in the oil level

• Lack of regularly scheduled oil changes

• Driving the engine in the event of overheating

• Neglecting the check engine light and not getting engine issues solved

So what are some common symptoms due to the need for valve train maintenance? Here are 5 signs that it is time for you to seek professional mechanic:

Blue smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe.

This can be caused when oil gets into the combustion chamber through a worn valve.

Engine is missing when idling.

High temperatures in the combustion chambers can damage the valve surface or the valve seat. This is often caused by an EGR valve getting stuck in a closed position or by carbon deposits.

Engine starts backwards.

A floating valve can cause problems with the cylinder head, and a weakened or broken valve spring can result in the valve not being able to close to seal the combustion chamber, causing the engine to fire backwards.

There is a rattling or "knocking" in the engine.

This could be a worn rocker arm. This will not shut down your engine, but it can be a real racket.

 Any of these problems can be a headache for a car owner, but they are all simple solutions for car care professionals. Don't let go of these problems, or you may have to pay major repairs and costs later. Plan your visit and extend the life of your engine

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