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10 Vital Things You must Check In Your Vehicle Before Your Road Trip

Some times because of our busy schedule we barely check our cars before take-off, but it is important that we do so. If this is done regularly we save ourselves and others,we also prevent our cars from shutting down.

10 things we need to be aware of before
every road trip:


It's appropriate to check the fluids in your vehicle, if in any case they become low it is advisable to check for leakages and if rectified, top it up to be on a safer side,it's not right to move a vehicle with low fluid because there is every tendency that the vehicle will heat up along the line.


If you're traveling at night or in foggy conditions during your vacation, you want to make sure all the lights in your car are working properly - especially if you're in an unknown region of the country.

Older brake light balls blow on a regular basis because you use this ball constantly when it is switched on and off when braking. It is advisable to check all the lights before travelling.

Windscreen wipers

Check if the windshield wipers remove the water from the windshield or leave water lines that affect your vision. Spray your windshield with the windscreen washer before driving and check that the windshield wipers are doing their job.
If they fail then it's time for replacement, because it could be risky if the the wipers are inactive especially if you drive in rainy or foggy regions 

Wheels and tyres

Tyres are perhaps the most important part of your vehicle. You connect your car to the road, and if you're traveling for hours, you need to be in top form.

Most tyres have a tread depth gauge, so once the tyre is worn down to that point, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Check the surface of the tyre for significant damage and kinks and watch out for bubbles.
For drivers, it is also important to check the tyre pressure regularly, even when they are not on the road. If a tyre is over-inflated, it wears in the center of the tyre, and if it is under-inflated, it wears on the sides and edges. 

Brake pads

Another important component you should consider is the wear of your brake pads. The brake pads consist of a metallic outer part and a composite inner part. The composite inner part must have a thickness of more than 5 mm. Once the pad is worn underneath, we recommend replacing the pad.

Make sure your handbrake is working properly. Your handbrake should not click more than four times before holding the car in place.


After checking the fluid level under the bonnet, it is recommended to check if various components and hoses are leaking under your car.

If you see oil stains or coolants on the floor of your garage that have a shiny texture and resemble oil, have your vehicle checked by a technician.

Drive belt

Inspect the drive belt under your vehicle for cracks. If your drive belt is damaged or worn, you may experience a complete engine shutdown.
You can not charge the battery and your vehicle overheats because the water pump is running on the belt.
Spare tyre
Another important check that you can make yourself before you travel a long way is to check that your spare wheel, jack, and wrench are in your vehicle and that they are working properly. Ensure that your spare wheel has a properly inflated tyre.
You may not need to use it for a while. Check the pressure before driving off to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the road.

Skilled technicians can address certain concerns that the everyday driver may have overlooked. Things like engine noise, vibration and suspension.
For the steering control, we take the vehicle on the road and check whether the steering pulls in a certain direction - when the vehicle turns left or right.
This could indicate a problem with the wheel alignment. In this case, we will lift the vehicle and re-check the wheels or other components such as the rack.

Brakes and clutch
While checking the brake pads while the vehicle is stationary, it is important to evaluate how the vehicle responds to braking when driving - whether it pulls to one side while braking. It is completely unsafe to drive a vehicle that can not be controlled when braking.

There is nothing like constantly checking the vital parts of your car,when you do so you save yourself and others from accident. In case you are about to embark on a journey just check out the tips above.
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