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10 Things You Need To Check Before Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car can be exciting, good or bad. To ensure a positive experience, look for the following ten areas when inspecting the vehicle. If your mechanical knowledge and skills leave a little to be desired, bring a knowledgeable family member or friend to the appointment. Buying a vehicle that is appealing to the eye but full of hidden repairs can be a depressing and expensive mistake.

Vehicle history
Get as much information as possible from the current owner and then research for yourself. If you run the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) through

a paid service, you will know if the car had an accident.


Rust or Paint damage
Take a walk around the car and watch out for rusty spots or paint chips. Small, localized rust spots are not necessarily a deal breaker as they are relatively easy to repair. If there are places where the metal has completely rusted, consider rethinking the purchase.


Framework problems
As you walk around the vehicle, you should also look for problems with the frame. Is the car on the ground right now? Is there anything hanging on the chassis? Look closely at the bumpers and look for new screws or deformations in the boot and bonnet that might indicate a recent accident. 


Under the hood
The engine is the most vital part of every vehicle. With the car off, open the hood and visually inspect the engine for fluid leaks, corrosion, and cracked hoses and belts. Check the oil and dipsticks for discoloration - the oil should be light brown, the gear oil should be pink or red.

Tyre condition
The tyre tread should be evenly worn and all four should match. Uneven tread or extra wear on some tyres often results in poor alignment, which may be a symptom of steering, suspension or frame problems. A badly aligned car pulls to the right or left when driving.


The average car covers about 20,000 km per year. Divide the number on the odometer by the age of the vehicle to find out if the car in question has high or low mileage. A car with high mileage has more wear on its mechanical components. 

Interior electronics 
To radiate the radio when your favorite song lights up is one of the car owner's little delights. Press a few buttons and make sure the stereo and other electronic components in the cockpit are working properly. Turn on the air conditioning and heating.

Seats and interior trim may be shock sensitive in the vehicle. Watch out for cracks, stains and cracked leather on all front and rear seats - upholstery can be an expensive thing to repair.

Test drive

The test drive is probably the most important part when buying a used car. Plan your route and put it through its paces to test maneuverability, acceleration, braking and suspension. If possible, drive on the highway and try to park in parallel to get a sense of the blind spots that the car may have.
Mechanic inspection
If you believe that you have found the used car of your dreams, you should bring it to a trusted mechanic for inspection. A mechanic can determine if the vehicle is experiencing problems or areas that may become problematic in the future.
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