Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Check Out Lincoln Phone As A Key Technology

Smartphones have proven to be indispensable for modern life. Now Lincoln is ready to add another important smartphone use to the public's zeitgeist: Phone As A Key, which celebrates its launch at the Lincoln Aviator 2020.

With Phone As A Key technology, based on The Lincoln Way app, you do not have to carry a separate car key.  If properly
configured, the owner can lock and unlock the tailgate, and most importantly, start the vehicle and drive only their smartphone.

The system is compatible with Android devices and iOS versions 9.0 and higher, and uses Bluetooth technology to connect in situations where there is no Wi-Fi or cellular network available, for instance underground garages. Eleven antennas helps create and maintain a solid connection, while the Bluetooth connection covers around 30 meters around the vehicle. (The Lincoln Way and Phone As A Key can also be operated with limited functionality over Wi-Fi or cellular from longer distances to unlock or start the car, Lincoln says.)

Once the user and smartphone are within range, you can use the smartphone to open and close the window and trunk, press the panic button, or trigger the alarm. If an owner is around the vehicle within a radius of about 3 meters, key-less remote access is active. Passive access is active when the owner approaches the vehicle.

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