Thursday, 13 June 2019

2019 (January to May) Germany: Top-Selling Electric Car Brands And Models

May 2019: Renault and BMW were the best-selling electric car brands in Germany, with the Renault Zoe, BMW i3 and Smart Fortwo models, the best-selling electric car models.

January to May 2019: despite weak sales in May, Tesla remained the leading brand of electric cars in Germany at the beginning of 2019. Tesla overtook Renault, which was once again the second best-selling electric car brand in Germany so far in 2019. For BMW, Smart and Volkswagen. The Renault Zoe regained its advantage as Germany's favorite electric car followed
by the Tesla Model 3, the BMW i3 and the VW e-Golf.

Electric car market in Germany in 2019 (May)

In May 2019, new registrations of electric passenger vehicles in Germany doubled compared to the previous year to 4,630 automobiles (+ 100.4%). However, this was the weakest month so far this year for electric car registrations in Germany. Not only was the lowest total number of electric car sales in Germany in May 2019, but the share of electric cars was reduced to only 1.39% of the total new car market in Germany (PKW).

Car sales in May 2019 were influenced by a late Easter (more holidays), but the overall car market in Germany showed a strong recovery with sales of up to 9.1% to 332,962 cars.

During the first five months of 2019, electric cars had a 1.66% share of the total new car market in Germany, with 25,299 (+ 74%) registered electric cars out of a total of 1,523,769 (1.7%) automobiles.

As before, the sales of electric cars in Germany were determined mainly by the availability of automobiles. While most manufacturers have long waiting lists, the sudden availability of Tesla Model 3 gave a boost to registrations in both February and March, but Model 3 registrations were drastically reduced in April and May. Most electric models have long waiting periods with the three months needed to buy, for example, a BMW i3 among the shortest in the industry.

Waiting times for other cars are approaching one year, which undoubtedly discourages private buyers. Volkswagen started taking orders for the ID3 that will only be available in 2020 as a replacement for the current eGolf. Porsche and Mercedes Benz also announced special electric vehicles with planned production execution of some models that apparently were sold out before the cars reached the market without the possibility of adapting production numbers to demand.

The best-selling car manufacturers in Germany in 2019 (May)

In May 2019, the three best-selling electric car brands in Germany remained unchanged from the positions held in April: Renault was once again the best selling electric car brand in Germany, followed by BMW and Smart. Tesla won the fourth place of Volkswagen. Hyundai was again sixth with Audi overtaking Kia and Nissan that slipped two places. Mercedes Benz gained access to top ten at the expense of Jaguar.

So far, in 2019, Tesla was the best-selling electric car brand in Germany, followed by Renault and BMW, the same order as for the first quarter of 2019. The Volkswagen intelligent exchanged positions. Hyundai remained in sixth place, while Audi overtook Nissan, which seemed to have problems not only with electric car sales at the moment. Kia and Jaguar once again completed the list of the ten best-selling electric car brands in Germany so far in 2019 with Mercedes Benz and Porsche just outside the top ten, but with much weaker numbers.

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