Monday, 29 April 2019

Latest Car Technology Of 2019 - The 10 Best Are Here!

The automobile industry always brings new advances every year. Making vehicles more comfortable and revolutionary, it is worth adopting these changes. The entire human race can be blessed by going the way of technology instead of being traditional. Let's read in detail what these changes are, and how they are modifying the way you drive. See what the new car technology will be like in your next vehicle.

Multi Angular Cameras

This new car technology helps significantly during the rides. Multi-angle cameras installed at several points share the views with the driver. These views are often hidden due to blind spots in a car. However, taking advantage of the

new technology, one can easily see what is coming.
This can help control the total accident rates that occur due to blind spots. Then, this becomes the number one blessing in terms of car technologies.

Smart phone connectivity through Apple Carplay and Android Auto 
Now your smartphone can display all the information directly on the car's screen. Automotive technology experts allow you to connect your car and your smartphone so you can see all the necessary data while driving. It will be a smooth operation where you do not have to take the phone with your hands while driving. This technology in the car again can save you from any misfortune that may occur due to access to the smartphone during travel.
Wireless charging
 It is one of the latest technologies in automobiles; it allows you to focus on your driving skills. You will not feel the need to check the charging cables repeatedly. One can place the phone in the charging slot that promotes wireless charging and let it take care of the rest.

The feature was introduced in several well-known brands such as Honda, Hyundai, Ford and Toyota. Do not forget to have a check for the property when you buy your next car.

A vehicle control application
There are applications out there, and car manufacturers have made it possible to control the car only through an application. Whether it's honking the horn, turning on the lights, turning on your car or any other operation, you can do it all with just one application.

Tesla was the first to introduce this feature, followed by brands such as Chevrolet, BMW and Lincoln.

Teen driver technology

The next in the list of new automatic technologies is the mechanism that allows teenagers to drive safely. Now, parents do not have to worry each time they deliver the vehicle to their teenage children. Some of the cars have "teenage driver technology" that presents some limitations for young drivers, allowing them to drive safely.

For example, you can not use the stereo while driving or you can not increase the speed to a greater or lesser extent. The technology even provides parents with a report on their driving skills and shows how they performed responsibly.
Vehicle tracking software

You no longer have to worry about the lost or stolen vehicle. There is a new technology in a car that allows you to find your car by tracking its location live. Technologies such as Connected Drive or On-Star allow the driver to locate the car.

There are also other safety features that help rescue the thieves' car. The technology was implemented after paying attention to the general rates of car theft. In turn, it is a blessing for car owners.

Cruise control
While traveling on a long journey, you do not have to be the one who can not enjoy yourself just because you drive. Cruise control is the function that allows you to feel comfortable without worrying about controlling the speed of the car. Get more information on how the cruise creates a wonderful driving experience in Car Reviews. The new car technology configures your vehicle for a specific speed when there are no frequent stops. This is done using a set of sensors that work when there is no need to apply frequent brakes.
Lane departure warning

It often happens when we get distracted. The reason may be anyone, such as your smartphone or the crying baby in the back seat. Whatever it is, it's time to worry less and enjoy more. This feature alerts you every time you go through the wrong lane knowingly or unknowingly.

There are cameras connected together with the sensors that constantly detect if you are on the right path. So, with this new automotive technology, there is no need to fear.

Automatic emergency braking

It is another feature that saves you from accidents that occur due to hitting your car against something. The system alerts the driver when something bad seems to happen. Sometimes, you can prevent a complete crash from occurring and allow you to return home in shape and form.

Scanning of roads

Someone who wants to be aware of the condition of the road and drive accordingly can make use of this technology. It warns you on the ground ahead so you can be prepared and drive smoothly keeping those potholes at bay.

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