Saturday, 30 March 2019

5 Regular Problems Of Car Vacuum Cleaners And How To Rectify?

Cars are wonderful to drive, but keeping cars can be a minor problem for some people. Vehicle maintenance not only includes engine maintenance but also cleaning. Car vacuum cleaners are the best option. They always come to the rescue if you need to remove dirt, hair and food particles from your vehicle. In case of abuse and continuous operation, however, you may have problems with the vacuum of the car, which can lead to failure. You need to fix them or you can fix them yourself to save time and money. Here is the list of automatic vacuum problems that can occur over time.

Intake loss

This is one of the major problems of automotive vacuum cleaners that occur over time. For the bagless vacuum we need to check if the

Thursday, 28 March 2019

6 Most Frequent Reasons Why A Car Smells Like Gas

 A car in good condition does not smell like gas. So, if you find that your car smells of gasoline while parking, it looks like there are internal problems with your vehicle. And these problems must be rectified immediately. In this article, we'll show you some possible reasons why a car smells like gas and how to fix it.

Tank cap

If you find that your car smells of gasoline after driving, pay attention to the fuel tank cap. After opening the tank, you must carefully inspect the fuel cap and make sure that you never lose it or loosen it. In addition, you must

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

4 Signals Of A Poor Car Thermostat

 A car thermostat maintains the flow of coolant through the engine and plays an extremely vital role in the operation of your vehicle's engine.When the engine has been sitting for a while and is not hot, the thermostat will be closed. Once the engine is running and reaches a certain operating temperature, a sensor located inside the thermostat opens it, allowing the coolant to flow to and from the radiator, which decreases the temperature and allows to circulate it again in the engine. This constant flow (combined with several other components of the cooling system) allows your vehicle's engine to operate at the optimum temperature.

Opening and closing the thermostat at the right time is essential to maintain proper motor temperature. In the event of the thermostat stopping, there would be no way for the coolant to circulate in the radiator and eventually return to the engine, resulting in extremely high temperatures. Similarly, if the thermostat is "blocked" in opening, the coolant flow is constant, the temperature of the engine of the vehicle never reaching an optimal level of heat, which creates problems of performances and accelerates the wear pieces.

Here are 4 common symptoms associated with a faulty thermostat:


A bad thermostat can heat the car because

Saturday, 23 March 2019

5 Signs Of A Defective Spark Plug In Your Car

A spark plug is a very important component in a vehicle that supports fuel to ignite the combustion chamber. A bad spark plug is a big problem that can cause multiple damage and affect the performance of your car. As a long-standing integral part of the internal ignition system component, it receives a high voltage electrical current that forms the ignition coil to ignite the air or fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. This constant burning ensures that the car moves quietly on the road.

Engine failure

If the car stops while driving, engine damage has occurred. That is, there is a problem with a spark plug that may not work

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

6 Indications Your Car Needs An Engine Rebuilt

Rebuilding an engine is more common than you think. An engine conversion is sometimes necessary for your car to work well. Here is a list of the most common signs that tells you that you need to rebuild the engine of your car.


A knocking sound that gets louder when you start the car is never a good sign. That loud sound can make you think someone is really knocking on your engine. This sound is not only annoying, but also not good for the car. This is not

Saturday, 16 March 2019

10 Symptoms That Your Car Needs An Oil Change

Engine represents the blood of every car. The engine needs oil to move the moving parts and ensure smooth operation. In fact, all kinds of engines need oil to work. It doesn't matter if you use a motorcycle, a generator or even a lawn mower. If the engine is equipped, it must be lubricated with oil.

Below are the top 10 characters for your vehicle's oil change  

Dark or dirty oil

If you have never seen pure, new engine oil, it has a bright yellow color. However, if the oil gets older and dirty due to the accumulation of residual particles in the engine, it becomes darker, almost black.

You should do the habit of regularly checking the

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

5 Symptoms Of A Defective Radiator Cap And The Best Test Method

The part of the vehicle called "radiator cover" contains 2 valves. Its purpose is to store the coolant and ensure that the radiator system remains under pressure. The inside of the cooler contains 16 pounds of pressure per square inch. This pressure is controlled by the radiator cap and must

Monday, 11 March 2019

5 Reasons For A Blown Head Gasket

Blown head seals can be very bad news. It either costs money when it's fixed, or you have to do the work yourself. Both methods cost money, but this can save you money. But before you can fix it, you need to know the reason. This can be a problem as there may be several reasons for the blow-seal.


Installation error

If you replaced a blown head gasket in your vehicle and solved the problem of why it even jumped, it's probably because of an

Saturday, 9 March 2019

4 Signs Of A Bad Windshield Wiper Motor

Common signs include wiper blades that move more slowly than scheduled, have a single speed, do not move at all and do not park in the correct position.

If you can not see the road, it is almost impossible to drive a vehicle safely. The windshield wipers are specially designed to eliminate rain, snow, dirt and other debris from the windshield. Each windshield wiper system is unique to each vehicle, manufactured to obtain maximum efficiency and, in many cases, to improve the aesthetics of the vehicle. If the windshield wiper blades are the arms and hands of your car's cleaning system, the

Thursday, 7 March 2019

10 Important Things To Check Regularly In Your Car

Your car takes you safely wherever you want to go, but requires you to take care of it to keep driving properly. Caring for your car is just as important to keeping it on the road and getting where you want to go for your safety. Some of these simple maintenance problems can lead to accidents or injuries. Take the time to make sure these 10 things are checked regularly and maintained as necessary and to avoid any accident or claim.


The oil in your car ensures the smooth running of everything and your car can not run without the proper oil level. You can easily check your oil level yourself by simply pulling on the dipstick and looking at the oil level. You must take your

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

6 Reasons Why You Need Genuine Car Parts

When it comes to the use and safety of cars, this must be very important. Everyone wants to know that their family is safe while traveling or on vacation. According to experts, cars are built into people's minds, and parts are thoroughly tested to make sure they're not under pressure. To keep this ideology up to date, it is important that auto parts are genuine.

If you are still not sure why you always need original spare parts, you should consider the following reasons.

The purchase of quality components usually gives you confidence and security. When it comes to original parts of car parts, it means that they are built in the same factories and in the same production lines as the cars to be installed.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

7 Symptoms Of A Bad Clutch Master Cylinder

The clutch master cylinder is part of any car with manual transmission. It offers the switch hydraulics. If you start to feel or hear something unusual when you switch gears or push down the clutch pedal, pay attention because it may indicate a problem with the master cylinder. If you have a bad coupling
cylinder, you will probably see some of these symptoms. Keep in mind that these symptoms may also be due to other transmission problems, but they are good to look for if you suspect a master cylinder number.


Soft pedal

The “soft” pedal is when you can feel your foot that the pedal has lost its normal resistance when you press it down. This may be due