Thursday, 14 February 2019


Driving in windy weather can be extremely dangerous. It is important that you take the advice of an expert to make sure you stay as safe as possible at all times.

If the weather is bad, you need to know if your trip is really necessary. Only travel if there is no other option. Motorcyclists should refrain especially when traveling in strong winds, as strong crosswinds can affect the behavior of the motorcycle.

If the circumstances are too difficult to handle and you have the option to stop, and if it is safe and legal, call a family member or friend to let them know

How to drive safely in the event of strong winds - 10 expert tips

By following these tips, you'll have

every chance to stay safe if you have to drive in strong wind.
1. Listen

If you have to travel, check out the local news to keep yourself informed about road closures. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a traffic jam due to a road closure you could have avoided.
2. Plan your trip

Before going, find your itinerary to find out if there is a route less exposed to bad weather. Always choose a secure route if you have the option and tell others that you are traveling if you are stuck and the phone no longer works.
3. Drive slowly

Strong winds can penetrate under a car and significantly affect maneuverability and braking. Strong gusts of wind can surprise you. Slowing will help you anticipate these gusts and reduce their impact on driving.
4. Do not be exposed

In addition to fast driving, the most exposed areas of the road will leave vehicles more sensitive to the impact of sudden gusts of wind. Prepare for the approach.
5. Attention to the passage

Vehicles with high sides, in particular, can be dangerous during overtaking. Driving in front of large vehicles can cause a sudden burst on the side during cleaning. So be prepared for this change in the behavior of the vehicle and do not try to maneuver unless you are sure of safety and be ready to do so.
6. Keep it hard

Be sure to hold the steering wheel firmly. Strong winds are not constant; they usually break out and manage to catch you off guard. The key is not to grab too hard, which can limit movement or be hit at the wheel, but you need to keep a firm grip so you have the same control on the steering wheel. possible.
7. Allow more space

In particular, give cyclists, motorcyclists, trucks and buses more space than usual. They are easily stolen from the side winds.
8. Keep an eye on

Keep an eye on what's happening with other vehicles. Finding when and where other vehicles seem to be wiped out will warn you of the conditions.
9. More distance

Keep an extra distance between you and the car in front of you - consider increasing the rule from two seconds to three seconds.

10. Park safely

Make sure to park the car in a safe place: avoid parking under trees, near buildings, telephone lines or any other structure that may represent a danger of falling in the presence of strong winds.

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