Saturday, 23 February 2019

5 Typical Warning Signs Your Vehicle Has Problems With Electricity

When the electrical installation in your vehicle is not working properly, the problems are usually so noticeable that you notice immediately. The lights do not turn on or appear dim, the stereo system is not working or the power windows are not working. In some cases, the car itself may have difficulty running or it does not start. Some electrical problems are more subtle than others, but keep an eye out for the following warning signs so you can overtake them:

1. burning Scent
A burning smell is one of the warning signs of an electrical problem in your vehicle. Specifically, a smell of "plastic" or rubber that burns or melts. A burning smell is usually caused by a short circuit in a wire or electrical component
of your vehicle. This forces the wire to draw more current than it should, which warms it up and begins to melt the surrounding plastic insulation.

If you smell something along these lines or worse, if you see smoke, you should definitely have your vehicle repaired immediately. The problem may be minor - and in many cases it is - but anything that burns in your vehicle can quickly become a potentially dangerous problem.

2. Faint Light

Dimming lights anywhere on your vehicle may indicate battery or electrical system problems. If it is the only light that gives you trouble, it's probably just a light bulb - but when replacing a light bulb after a new one does not solve a problem, wiring or components could be wrong.
3. Stereo system or other electronics does not work

Stereo or a number of other electronic components found in newer vehicles such as GPS or even small TVs are great achievements but attract more power and thus increase the demands of your vehicle's electrical system. If one or more of these components are not functioning properly or do not work at all, there is a good chance that wiring or other components may fail, although in many cases the problem may be as simple as a blown fuse.
4. Corrosion of battery cables or terminals

Corrosion on the battery terminals or cables looks like a white or bluish buildup. If the corrosion is minor, you can try to remove it yourself with a chemical cleaning solution. The battery, connectors and cables are not only cleaned, but also sealed to extend the life of the battery.
5. The engine is not working

This, of course, is the most problematic of all electrical problems. If the engine does not spin, it usually takes longer than usual and the problem can be reduced to the battery or the starter. Many drivers fear that the teething troubles may be related to the engine itself and are relieved to learn that a completely independent electrical component could cause the problem.

Last Words

Keep an eye on these frequent warnings of electrical problems in the car and avoid interrupting daily commuting. In many cases, electrical problems are easy and relatively inexpensive to fix.

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