Thursday, 28 February 2019

Significance Of Maintaining Tire Pressure

Maintaining tire pressure to the manufacturer’s recommended pound per square inch (PSI) is a critical part of vehicle maintenance. Tires that have been inflated with the proper amount of pressure can last longer and can attribute to overall vehicle safety.

Many modern-day vehicles will alert the driver if there is an issue, like tire pressure. But, it’s a good idea to know the signs and dangers of tire pressure that doesn’t meet manufacturer PSI standards.

Dangers of Low Tire Pressure

Tires that are underinflated will hinder the vehicle’s ability to brake quickly and creates a less responsive steering and handling. This can be particularly dangerous when the vehicle needs to stop suddenly or maneuver quickly to avoid a collision or another potential danger.

Low tire pressure allows

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Top 10 Car Sounds That Should Never Be Neglected

Does the car make a strange noise while driving? If so, it is time to visit a professional for repair. Timely service and maintenance are extremely important for your car to roar for a long time. Some annoying car sounds also cause serious problems with the car.

10 Car sounds that require repair and maintenance

Let's talk about the sounds of the car that cause serious problems in your life.
Noise from the engine

The car engine may need maintenance or repairs after a certain time. The sound coming from the engine says a lot about the vehicle. This is the first of the sounds of a car that should not be underestimated at all. The engine can stop at a specific

Sunday, 24 February 2019

6 Signs Of A Bad Water Pump

Some parts of the vehicle should not be replaced immediately in case of failure. The water pump is not one of these parts. Due to the important role that the pump plays in engine cooling, the consequences are fast if they stop working, including a potential engine failure. Replacing a faulty water pump is not a fast job, but it will save you the worst job of replacing your engine.

The water pump moves the coolant through the radiator and around the engine to dissipate heat. Fast-moving, closely connected metal parts generate a lot of friction and thus heat. Too much heat, and as a result, you get components that are deformed, melted, molten, broken, or structurally threatened. The water pump is usually driven by a pulley.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

5 Typical Warning Signs Your Vehicle Has Problems With Electricity

When the electrical installation in your vehicle is not working properly, the problems are usually so noticeable that you notice immediately. The lights do not turn on or appear dim, the stereo system is not working or the power windows are not working. In some cases, the car itself may have difficulty running or it does not start. Some electrical problems are more subtle than others, but keep an eye out for the following warning signs so you can overtake them:

1. burning Scent
A burning smell is one of the warning signs of an electrical problem in your vehicle. Specifically, a smell of "plastic" or rubber that burns or melts. A burning smell is usually caused by a short circuit in a wire or electrical component

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Advantages Of Having A Hatch In Your Car

 A hatch is a window that opens onto the roof of cars and SUVs. A sunroof can have many benefits.

The first and most important is the appearance of the car!
This gives the car its own style. The hatch is installed at the factory in most cars. Using this may allow fresh air to enter while driving. It gives you freedom and creates a romantic atmosphere. When we compare air conditioning, it certainly gives a cooling effect, but artificial. Sunroof gives the car a natural air conditioning.

If you are going to keep the windows open, you will hear such strong wind noise that it will become too loud to communicate with other

Carburetor Vs. Fuel injection: Understanding The Advantages And Disadvantages

What offers the best performance, carburetor or fuel injection, is a very controversial issue among car enthusiasts. Many believe that performance is better with a carburetor, while others insist that the only solution is to use gasoline injection. To determine what is best for your vehicle, it is important to understand how these two components work.

Engine performance

The carburetor's performance and fuel injection are mainly due to the amount of air and fuel that can enter the engine's cylinders. The cylinders contain pistons and combustion chambers in which the energy released by the combustion of petrol is released. The carburetor and fuel injection system feed the engine with fuel and air.

The carburetor

The carburetor constitutes jets that pushes the gas into the combustion chambers.. The amount of fuel that can pass through these jets

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

5 Benefits Of Owning A Code Scanner For Your Car

Modern cars are full of technology. When the sensor detects a problem with this technology, your car's computer displays the code, and the engine control lamp usually lights up.

This indicator means that there is a problem somewhere in the system. But without reading the onboard computer codes, you have no way of knowing where the problems are. You may need a new vent valve in the evaporator tank, your vehicle may have misfire or one of hundreds of other problems.

With so many opportunities, you need a

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

How To Check The Fuel Guage To Ensure It's Still Working

The fuel gauge system has two main components: a transmitter unit, which measures the amount of fuel in the tank, and the meter itself, which displays the amount of fuel for the driver. If the meter, transmitter, or the required wiring between them does not work properly, the fuel gauge may show incorrect data or simply do not work at all. There are some simple tests you can do to check if your fuel gauge is working:

Ensure that all wiring connections (both on the back of the meter and on the measuring unit) are clean, sealed and free from dirt and corrosion. If you check the wiring on the back of the fuel gauge, you may have to go under the dashboard, remove the dashboard, or remove the sensor from the dashboard. The transmitter is located on the fuel tank and is available in many cars under the rear

Monday, 18 February 2019

Top 6 Reasons A Coolant Hose Leaks In Your Car

The coolant hose is something that does not stand out. In fact, you probably do not think about it at all. You just assume it's doing his work there and if it's not, then you understand how an insignificant element in the form of a simple pipe can be so important in the end.

Coolant pipes are so important because they prevent the car engine from overheating. Your car's engine can literally be a stove and the process of burning gas in an internal combustion engine can reach 20,000 British Thermal Units (BTU) per gallon - enough to instantly heat up a 1,000 square foot space.

What are coolant hoses?
They are located on the upper and lower radiators, bypass and heating elements. They are made of durable synthetic rubber and are (of high quality) resistant to pressure, vibrations, chemicals and heat, allowing the liquid coolant to flow freely

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Symptoms Of The Faulty AC Pressure Switch And How To Replace Them

Nowadays, more and more features are introduced in cars, and one of the most common is to have the air conditioner in your car. A functioning air conditioner is no less a blessing on those wet summer days. However, you may find that something is not working in the system and that the interior is not cold enough. Well, a faulty AC circuit breaker could be the cause. Additional information on the dysfunctional symptoms of the AC pressure switch can be of great help to replace it immediately.
Identify the symptoms of the faulty AC pressure switch

Here are some tips to identify items that only occur when the AC pressure switch is not working properly. Go on

1. When the compressor is varying

A car's climate control system works automatically and goes off as soon as it reaches a certain pressure point. However, when an air

Saturday, 16 February 2019

How To Fix Air Leakage Through The Rim Of A Car

Tires are an integral part of cars. There are many advances in the tires of traditional cars in the modern era. From tire chambers to tubeless tires, manufacturers sought to make our long knots smooth. Tubeless tires are the most advanced technology on the market. These tires hold the air longer, and grip is also perfect. Leakage is one of the biggest tire dilemmas. Leaking tire impairs excellent travel in a short time. Familiarizing yourself with the process of repairing air leaks through the wheel rim can be very helpful.

Let's talk about how to fix tire leaks in a car.

Step-by-step process for eliminating tire leakage around the rim

Removing a leaking tire is not as difficult as it may seem. The change process is much easier if you have the appropriate set

Friday, 15 February 2019


Completing regular maintenance is vital to maintain the performance of your car, truck or SUV. However, sometimes there are problems with the car, and in each vehicle there are certain warning signs. To reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and costly repairs, we have listed the 10 most common automotive problems that generally arise.


Preventing or checking engine status is the most common problem for owners of cars, trucks and SUVs. These lights come on when the vehicle's ECU (engine control unit) detects an error code generated by the sensor. Since there are more than 200 possible warning codes, the best way to determine the source and make

Thursday, 14 February 2019


There are many different car paint types and        there are many pros and cons for each type. Your needs and the aspect you want to achieve determine the best type of paint. Certain types are easy to apply, while others can be more difficult. Some colors may be harmful and require special equipment and ventilation. You should look at the different types of colors, how they are applied, and the benefits they have.

 1)  Advantages of urethane paint for cars: Urethane paint is a great option as it can be sprayed on almost any type of paint as it does not react. This paint can even be sprayed on paint.


Driving in windy weather can be extremely dangerous. It is important that you take the advice of an expert to make sure you stay as safe as possible at all times.

If the weather is bad, you need to know if your trip is really necessary. Only travel if there is no other option. Motorcyclists should refrain especially when traveling in strong winds, as strong crosswinds can affect the behavior of the motorcycle.

If the circumstances are too difficult to handle and you have the option to stop, and if it is safe and legal, call a family member or friend to let them know

How to drive safely in the event of strong winds - 10 expert tips

By following these tips, you'll have

Wednesday, 13 February 2019


The engine of your car combines air and gasoline in the combustion chamber to generate energy for the vehicle. The air reaches the engine through the air filter, which prevents dirt and dust to ensure maximum engine power. At the same time, the air filter must allow air to reach the engine for optimum performance. However, over time, dirt and other contaminants clog the air filter, which affects the performance of the vehicle. We will help you understand some obvious signs of a dirty car air filter and how you can solve the problem.

How can I replace a dirty car air filter?

Most car companies recommend that you change the air filter after 10,000 to 15,000 miles or every 12 months. In the case, you are

Sunday, 10 February 2019


 Oil leaks and losses are one of the most common reasons drivers invite their car for inspection. It can be a tiny hole in a gasket, an obvious shock from a bad seal or a leak from a variety of origins. In any case, it is important to identify the source of the oil leak in your car and diagnose what repairs are needed to correct the leak and prevent your oil from leaving the point where it's most needed.

5 major reasons why your car may leak oil:


As the heart of your engine is the combustion chamber, where all the magic takes place. Normally, oil is kept out of this chamber by piston rings and valve seals. If something happens to your rings or valve seals, your oil will enter your combustion

Saturday, 9 February 2019


The vehicle safety standard depends mainly, if not completely, on the quality of the tire you are using. There are many tire companies, some of which are first-class. Leading tire manufacturers maintain a continuous line throughout the journey, especially when it comes to potentially dangerous situations. Driving your car over rough terrain or in bad weather can be difficult, and if the tires are not good enough, they run the risk of emissions or punctures. Here we will introduce you to some of the well-known tire manufacturers - if you are trying to find the best tire companies.

While there are many large tire companies that produce and sell the best car tires, some others try to make a profit with low-quality, vulnerable tires. Thus, when buying tires, be sure to purchase them from a reputable company, Here are the 10 best tire companies below. Let's take a look! ...

Top 10 Tire Companies in the World

Michelin is the well-known French tire brand founded by the brothers Michelin, Edouard and Andre Michelin. And that was the best tire company in the world. Michelin tires

Friday, 8 February 2019


Let's talk about this other flooded engine. We all know that engines breathe air. Thus, when an internal combustion engine made of ferrous materials is immersed in (salt) water, things can be expensive quickly. Do not worry, your engine is not dead if you do it right, but it's dead if you do bad. Here's how to get the water out.
Evaluate the damage

Despite the devastation caused by a flood, this particular problem may not be as serious as it seems. Modern engines have tight tolerances, so the engine may not have taken water. The worst way to check this would be to try to start the engine before watching it. As the water does not compress, any water in the combustion

Thursday, 7 February 2019


Exceptional road visibility is a prerequisite for every car to offer. When driving along the streets, the road should be sufficiently visible without any obstacles. This is something that every car manufacturer today focuses on the need for increased safety. Here are the ten best cars with the highest visibility that would cost an investment.

Popular cars with the highest visibility

Regardless of driver's height; it is essential that cars are
built to offer the best visibility. We will find that some of the best ones on the market will get to this day.

1. Honda Accord

Stylish Honda Accord insists on the points that excel in offering the best visibility. Thin roof pillars and a low row of belts are other elements that make it one of the most suitable cars. Honda even has a detection system called "Lane-watch."

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

AUTO RUNNING RICH - Things you should know

The air / fuel mixture must be at a perfect ratio of 14.7: 1 to keep the internal combustion engine running smoothly. The engine does not work properly and shows different symptoms when the relationship is disturbed. The car's rich problem arises when too much fuel goes into the combustion chamber. Fuel that is less than the desired level causes a lean car to drive.

Running Rich Vs Lean

The major difference lies in the ratio of the air-fuel mixture. The conditions depend on whether the fuel is more or less than the recommended amount.
What does rich mean? It happens when there is too much gas in the combustion chamber of the engine. What does running mean with leaning? It is

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

SEDAN VS. SUV – Real Differences

Today it is very difficult to choose your favorite car between the sedan and the SUV. These two types of cars have advantages and disadvantages in making the decision more complicated. The question becomes complex when examining the characteristics and appearance of these types of cars. Some people prefer SUVs to sedans because of their appearance and their dominant position. Others choose sedans for their sporty appearance and energy efficiency. Finding the differences between sedan and SUV can help you make the right decision.

Do you want a sedan or an SUV? This seems like a clear choice, but if you dig the pros and cons of everyone, the decision becomes more difficult. You

Do not just look at what you want today, but think about your future needs and budget.
On the other hand, SUVs offer wider interior spaces and cargo areas, better visibility thanks to higher driving positions and, in general, to weather

Monday, 4 February 2019


Today, car manufacturers have raised the invention and technology by raising world-class vehicles. Professionals equip cars with the latest design and looks. Nothing can match the size and features of modern vehicles, the safety of people inside is still a priority. The car requires proper maintenance and care on the road for a long time. Timely repairs and maintenance are the most important way to increase the life of your car.

In addition, daily care would help at the same time. Do you want to take care of the vehicle as it should be done? If yes, let us compile a list of daily errors that result in a shortening of the life of the vehicle.
13 Common mistakes that can shorten your car's life

Cars need proper care to function properly and drive for a long time. Your car will add to your long positions so nothing else can. The

Sunday, 3 February 2019


When looking for a small car, the important decision is to choose a hatchback or sedan.
The essential difference between hatches and sedans is the frame. Sedan's cargo space is usually a separate compartment. Hatchbacks, on the other hand, do not have a difference between the rear seats and the cargo space, allowing for plenty of storage. 
However, when you decide to run a hatchback or sedan, it won't start with the vehicle features, it will start your needs. Think carefully about routines and hobbies; where you are going to drive, who will spend the most time, and what gear you need to move around.

Here are the main differences between

Saturday, 2 February 2019


No matter how many times you hear it, it’s just impossible to over-estimate how good a Toyota car is. The best things about Toyota cars are that they are reasonable as well as very affordable.
If you want to buy a car on the market, you probably want to make the best use of your money. Let's look at some reasons to buy Toyota and find out if it deserves a long-standing reputation for making great cars.
6 reasons to buy a Toyota
Millions of people around the world consider Toyota the gold standard for cars. You can take the reliability and functionality of your cars for granted. They have earned the trust due to the production of high-quality cars and excellent service for many years. So why choose Toyota? Let's see:

Friday, 1 February 2019


A car that is difficult to start is not a life-threatening malfunction, but it can be annoying and difficult to move around. Think of jumping into the car, turning the key to the ignition, but it just combs a few times. Frustrating, right? Well, there may be several reasons why the car has trouble starting it, and you need to check all the fuel system for the starter to find out the culprit.

These problems mainly occur during the winter season because the cold temperature affects the car in different ways. Especially if you park outdoors on a cold night, you may find