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The cooling and heating system in the car makes your long trip smoother during bad weather. Repair and maintenance of this system are essential for maintaining the normal temperature inside the cabin. The cooling system retains the functions of heating and freezing the car. It consists of many components to make this work perfect. And, the core of the heater is the main component of the cooling and heating system. If in the event of a failure of the heating core you may have to face some dilemmas. A detailed study of the symptoms of a heater core failure can help in understanding its respective functions.

4 basic signs of a bad core heater to know right now!

The location of the heater core is under the steering system and dashboard. Its components, such as wires, pipes, coolant container and exhaust gases, are located on all sides of the dashboard. The heater core is the main component that controls the heating and cooling functions inside to normalize the atmosphere in the cabin. The heater core adjusts the
coolant in the cooling system to supply warm air to the cabinet and prevent overheating. In addition, the coolant reduces overheating, which causes the windows to mist over.

1. Foggy Windows

Foggy windows are also one of the main signs of a bad heater core. If the windows of your car are fogging inside, it means your car faces problems with the heater. This is a sign that the fluid in the radiator is leaking inside the car, which makes it foggy. The fog window function is also called window condensation. Using expert maintenance tips can be a good idea for properly maintaining a car's cooling system.

2. Coolant leak

Another serious sign of damage to the heater core is the leakage of radiator fluid inside and outside the car. It is quite easy to suspect a coolant leak in a car from a seat on the passenger side or spilling coolant to the ground. This happens when the system is colder than usual. Your seats in the front cabin may be wet if there is a leak.

3. Pungent smell in the car

A strange smell in your car is one of the main signs of poor performance of the heater. If you experience a pungent smell when using a cooling or heating system, then this is the time for appropriate repairs. This strange smell is a sign of leaking radiator fluid. Coolant could also spill from the coolant tank. So repair the whole system as soon as possible.

4. Cooling system failure

If your cooling or heating system is not functioning properly, then it's time to give it service or repair. The absence of heat or heat in the cabin will prove the failure of the cooling system.


These are some signs of a poor heater that require repair and maintenance. Be sure to timely repair and maintain your car to avoid these problems.

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