Thursday, 3 January 2019


Humans need water for their bodies, and for the car, fuel is just as important for it to work. When you run out of energy, you not only destroy your driving pleasure, but also damage car parts in the most horrible way. When vital parts of your vehicle is heavily damaged, it only takes a skillful mechanic to place it back to its original state. It’s advisable not to run out of fuel, because it’s very dangerous. For this reason, vehicle owners should better understand the consequences of an empty fuel.

List of damaged car parts when the fuel runs out
Many drivers forget or are too lazy to fuel their cars before they run empty. You may think that it is not too serious, but this habit is proven to reduce t
he age of the engine and destroy many parts of your vehicle.
Which car parts are damaged the most?

Fuel tank
Understanding the tank capacity is necessary. When trying to drive almost without gasoline, the tank is definitely badly damaged. But the drivers did not know that the gas crust is also used for energy, instead of having to stay in the filter. If the vehicle runs out of fuel on a regular basis, the crust on the fuel tank, the engine and other parts of the car will adhere and slowly corrode.
Since the energy tank is made of metal, it pulls and collects the gas crust, which leads to corrosion and damages the vehicle. This is a serious problem and happens with many old cars

Fuel injection system 
The theory is that fuel injection will transport fuel from the fuel tank to the burning tank. This is the reason why fuel injection is the most important part of the pumping system. Driving with an empty fuel tank, however, not only has a direct impact on the injection, but also on the filter system, since the crust in the fuel tank is also absorbed in the injection.

In fact, the gas crust remains stuck in the filter. Later, even after pumping, the gas still could not reach the burning tank. In this situation, drivers will not start their cars.

Electric motor
Drivers usually ignore this, but if their car runs out of fuel, they also damage the electric motor. In the normal state, an electric motor uses fuel as the cooling fluid. This method cools the entire system, from the motor to copper wires.

When the gas runs out, however, the engine overheats and breaks down.

It is absolutely forbidden to drive if the energy level is too low. If your car is out of fuel, drivers should immediately provide it in a different way than driving. You may not want to pay extra for the repair of the energy filter or the fuel injection system prior to the vehicle maintenance plan. To become a good driver, concentrate and top up on the fuel gauge displayed on the instrument panel before the fuel level reaches the letter E.

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