Tuesday, 8 January 2019


 Car accidents are caused either by the driver's own negligence or by another person who violates the vehicle or traffic regulations. In both cases, a person driving a car suffers from multiple injuries and prevents an accident.
Undoubtedly, the car has plenty of safety equipment, such as seat belts, which reduces the risk of serious injury. However, many car accidents can be prevented by observing and taking intelligent action on time.

The most common car accident injuries you need to know
While the injuries in each car accident are different, doctors have observed certain frequent injuries in each car accident. Some of the most common preventable injuries are listed here, which, if taken into account, can save a number of injuries
during the car accident.

1. Head and brain injuries

This type of damage is mainly due to a serious car accident. In such cases, the person suffers from headache, concussion or traumatic brain damage. Thus, the loss of memory or consciousness of a person over a longer period of time; leads to coma in severe cases.
Usually during this type of damage, the car airbags protect the person from the front and side effects. Sometimes, however, these safety bags can cause minor damage, but according to experts, the intensity of the damage is much lower.

2. Psychological injuries

In addition to physical damage, the victim sometimes suffers from certain mental illnesses. These may include painkillers, depression, traumatic stress disorders, or nightmares. In addition, these types of injuries occur mainly in the event of severe burning or shock during an accident.
It is therefore necessary to provide compensation to these patients in addition to physical damage on the basis of mental injury.

3. Facial injury

During an accident, a person usually suffers from fracture or other car accident damage in the face / mouth area of the teeth or jaw line. These personal injuries are mainly caused by a person's face colliding with strong objects such as a car window or steering wheel. Therefore, if a person covers his face and head with his hand in the event of an accident. It can certainly save him from any serious face.

4. Foot, knee and foot injury

Combining legs and feet can save you a serious break or injury during an accident. Therefore, do not feel embarrassed and follow what can prevent damage to the lower body parts.

5. Back injuries

Back injury is common if you feel a sudden jerk or stress in a car accident. It can lead to serious injuries, such as a sliding plate, fracture or sometimes, a slight injury, such as a sprain back. Thus, in order to avoid such damage, there is only one direction outward, the seat belt. As with this safety feature, you can limit yourself to moving during a car crash. After this drive, it can certainly save you from back injuries that you can't otherwise fix permanently.
So, once you know the tips for some commonly preventable car accidents, you can now intelligently and easily prevent yourself from serious injuries in a car accident.

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