Friday, 7 December 2018

HYUNDAI i20:-The Top Gear car review


What is it?

Despite the success in the rally of the crazed 4WD i20 Coupe that competes in the World Rally Championship, you will struggle to find some trace of that passion that breathes fire in the five-door super-mini i20.

But then the i20 sells pretty well precisely because of the absence of passion that breathes fire. Instead, it matches perfectly with the opinion of most people about modern Korean consumer durables. It is sensible, easy to use, reliable,
of great value and modern in its technology. A purchase that you can not go wrong.

Now the i20 has emerged from its life change in middle age. Surgery is not just cosmetic; There have been updates to the engines and assistance to the driver.

From the front, then. The grill, in the style of the Hyundai family, is now larger and more three-dimensional. It does not take much longer until you get to the back where there is a new lower section of gray plastic that emphasizes the width. The lights are more jeweled too. Standard renovation stuff, but it manages to make it look more elegant.


What's on the way?

We tested one single turbine in the 100bhp type, with five software boxes. If you want a car to do something other than city run abouting, this is probably the first of the 20s you can be patient. As with other things about i20, this power works, but it's not really easy.

Once the engine moves over 2,000rpm, it's very worried, and it will work almost 7,000 minutes. But you do not worry, because it's not appropriate for three turbo types, and it works best in the middle of the list. In 0-62mph is 10.8sec, because this slimline car is 1,085kg.

You will note that between 1,200 and millennia, where most similar devices will continue, this is the judgment and disbelief. So, make sure you switch easily to the edge of each heading. The glass is very well moved, and it is well used, so it does not matter when you're in the habit.


Layout, finishing and space

The i20's facelift has not brought substantial changes to the 2014 car cabin. Since its launch, we've had the funky Citroen C3 and the Nissan Micra, the colorful and spacious Seat Ibiza and a generational change from Fiesta. In this context, the all-black design of the i20 and the conservative forms are totally forgettable.

On the other hand, you would remember the ugliness and unhappiness of ergonomics. The i20 avoids these pitfalls. At the root of its smoothness is an efficient and usable layout.

The wheel, pedals and shift lever are in the right place, although the narrow-backed driver seat impairs the steering position if you have a wide shoulder. The clocks are clear, the rods are well palpable, the climate is controlled by appropriate buttons and buttons, and the external visibility is quite open.

The plastics are all hard and the cubicles do not have soft liners, so anything you put there will shake. But the quality of the assembly is accurate.

In addition, all versions have a seven-inch color touchscreen that uses your Apple or Android phone to provide you with connected navigation, online entertainment and voice activation. The two higher specs add native navigation, taking the screen system to the same specification used in the high-priced cars of the group, the Kia Stinger and Hyundai Santa Fe. Their graphics are a bit unpleasant, but the operation is clear and intuitive.

The backseat has only an average class space, although three people are served with head restraints and seat belts. They do not receive vents, lights or power outlets. Behind is a moderately sized boot (for a super-mini, so read "small") with double height tread, and all versions have a split fold seat - not always a die in this class.


Run debt and trust

Here we go. The scope of our allegations against cars and homes is not what the people have said.

You know about peace of mind but it will not go unpunished: five years of endless end and road aid, and 12 warranty for the steel.

Expected prices, running from sub-14 and moving over the middle of the 16th century for a limited Essential Exam at 100bhp DCT or 120bhp. Monthly payments show low cost.

Well done-for the type, the price is good. Everyone crossing the 'S' of poverty gets fire, alloys, stopping tips, solid-barrier, auto shutter and turn on camera, touchscreen Apple Car-play / Android Auto and curtains airbags. The ultimate end includes the operating key, these hot chairs and airplane, and the panoramic house.

For high, carbon dioxide levels are low, between 48.7mpg and 56.5mpg and the latest NEDC research, such as 130 to 114g / km CO2. But then oil is a fraction of the cost of not having enough. Certificates are competitive competitions, and work is done only twice a year or 20,000 miles.


"Final thoughts and range selection
Worthy super-mini that stand out for ease of use and design for adults. Fun is short though"

If you are reading this site, the fact that the i20 is fantastic to own will not be enough. Do you want to own it?

It is quite short there. The facelift does not do enough to address the fact that some very exciting super-mini's have been launched in the last two years. Do you want something with more visual style? More space? More driving fun? It goes around and the opposition has all of these, sometimes in combination.

As we said at the beginning, the i20 embodies the stereotype of a Hyundai, a car that easily adapts to anyone's life, but does not create an emotional connection.


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