Monday, 31 December 2018

6 tips for safe driving at junctions that beginners need to know

1) Check the junction

Before you drive through an intersection, it is obvious that you make sure the area is safe. Always approach the intersections that await other traffic and pedestrians.
Our first trick in driving safely at intersections is to look in both directions before entering the intersection. Pay close attention to pedestrians and actively look for them when you turn.

2) Concentrate and pay attention

Concentrate when you are in the interaction. Avoid distractions such as loud music, conversation or the use of mobile phones for social media. Keep your hands on the wheel and brake when needed. In the interaction for a small error, a collision occurs at any time. So make sure you pay close attention
to the drivers in your area.

3) Turn around wisely

Look at both ways to see where other vehicles are and what their intentions are at the intersection. Make later a point of reference that helps you to keep the vehicle in the middle of the road.
A smart turn is another trick for safe driving at intersections. Keep track of your reference points while driving and turning. Move the vehicle safely without hitting anything, especially the rear part.

4) Speed limit

Fast cornering at intersections is an important factor in safe driving at intersections. When cornering, always drive safely and slowly up to 5 km / h. This improves your reaction time and distance to stoppage. This allows you to increase the safety margin to avoid a mishap.

5) Keep security near the stop light

As we suggested, the driver should not continue while the signal light is green. The road is a dangerous place, so it is important to look in both directions first to identify another vehicle.
Look forward to traffic and wait until there is room for your car on the other side of the intersection. Always remember to stop and never pass a red light. No one wants to risk their lives just to save a few seconds, that's for sure.
When you are turning at a red light, first make sure there are no restrictions. It is not only one of the safe driving tips at intersections, but also to protect your own ticket wallet. Then, check all vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on both sides, including oncoming traffic. When the arrow indicates turning to the left, continue. If it is not legal to cross an arrow at the intersection, then consider incoming traffic before taking your turn.

6) Proceed to the intersection

First, do not enter an intersection when traffic is backed up on both sides. The driver should wait for it to clear to cross the intersection.
Second, you should not change lanes in the middle of an intersection. This is dangerous and totally illegal, so wait at the intersection until you have passed to change lanes.
Third, pay close attention to the intersection in case of sudden stop of any vehicle. This is true in all situations because you will never know what could happen on the road.
Last, always be aware of the activities of other drivers to avoid hazards.


If everyone understands and follows the safe driving tips at intersections, the collision rate will surely decrease. In addition to complying with the rules, the driver's label is the first step in improving intersection safety.

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