Wednesday, 12 December 2018

10 tricks to save fuel when driving an automatic car

Save money with your automatic with these insider tips for efficient fuel consumption.

1. Keep your momentum

Its science - a body in motion stays in motion and uses less energy and fuel. Brake only when needed, and when you drive slowly and smoothly your car will keep moving.

  2. Do not keep your foot on the brake

If you put your foot on the brake pedal, no matter
how light it is, it will immediately hit the car, which will significantly affect fuel economy.

3. Tires inflated properly

Your car just touches the ground, literally a handful of places. Each tire has an area the size of your palm and actually touches the road. This has a huge impact on driving style and fuel efficiency. An under-inflated tire will cause the car to drag, extend the braking distance, and are generally unsafe.

4. Do not be angry

Focusing on the robot, generating and cracking speed all cars quickly. Control driving can reduce your power consumption by 33% in quick speed and about 5% around the city. Drink slowly, slowly squeeze it into oil.

 5. Buy oil while cool

Science again, stated this. The liquids grow in the heat and you will get more for your beer when gasoline is mixed together in the morning or evening air.

 6. Reception

You will find that some car cars are down more than the fuel well. Try to initiate transfer to the previous reaction than you want by moving your foot off in the drink after 50 Km / h. Take it easy while you are in the air.

7. Make some trips

The more trip you make, the less the light you are going to save. This because once you've been off your car for a few hours, the engine is cooling down and will use more fuel for 10 or more 10 holes. Try to combine business trading and save your kids from school posters if you can.

8. It's about maintenance.

When your car runs smoothly and is in good mechanical condition, you can get the best fuel economy of this. Sending your car for regular maintenance can increase fuel economy by up to 10%. Schedule maintenance regularly so that auto parts last longer, allowing you to save money through lower fuel consumption and reducing repair costs.

9. Cruise when you can

Cruise control actually helps save fuel by driving on a consistent flat surface, such as roads and highways. This is due to driving at a constant speed, which cancels the unnecessary acceleration. Using your cruise control on steep slopes could increase your fuel consumption, since cruise control will try to keep your vehicle traveling at a constant speed that uses more fuel.

10. Do not lose traction.

Your tires are more likely to slip on wet or gravel surfaces, and each time it happens, you lose fuel and endanger yourself and others. Be careful when starting on unpaved and slippery roads and slow down on rough surfaces.

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