Thursday, 22 November 2018


The 6 Series is the flagship BMW two-door model and has been successful so far. However, in recent years it has become clear that it can not really compete with some of its rivals. The car has a much harder ride than most and does not go as well as it should. Despite this, he is still one of the best-looking cars on their list, and is also sublimated on the fast highway. To regain its former glory, the new model will be released along with the
2019 BMW 6 Series. Until now, the car has not been confirmed, but the prototypes have already been spied several times.
The new 6 series will most likely be based on the new OKL BMW architecture. This means that it should lose some weight. This will be especially important for the four-door version, which now weighs more than 4,500 pounds, which is very high for a car in this class.
Sometimes you need something more than a sedan - a new line of elegant and sporty fastback BMW 6 Series gives you reason to stand out and many reasons to love what you drive. After a big refreshing for the 2018 model year, not much has changed in the 2019. Body styles include the Gran Coupe and Gran Turismo - the classic Coupe was discontinued last year. In 2019, the equipment level includes the BMW 640i and the BMW 650i, both with or without all-wheel drive x-Drive.

One of today's best interiors
Slide into the driver's seat of the new 2019 series, and you may never want to leave. Leather upholstery, heated seats and heated steering wheel add warmth to cool mornings, and dual-zone and fully configurable air conditioning allows
you to regulate thermal comfort throughout the year. Plenty of technical features ensure connectivity, and the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe's style provides up to 44.7 cubic feet of cargo space inside.
Grand Styling, Coupe Sleekness
These four-door coupé can be the best companions in the composition - effortlessly combining the attractive appearance and style of a full-size sedan with the elegant temptation of a sports car. The Gran Coupe has a typical tailgate, and the Gran Turismo has been designed with a comfortable lift to optimize the load space and functionality.

Powerful engine options
All new BMW 640i models from 2019 come standard with a 3.0-liter turbocharged engine that delivers 315 hp and 330 Nm of torque. The impressive new 2019 favors a 4.4-liter V8 turbo engine that delivers 445 horsepower and 480 pound torque. All-wheel drive x-Drive is available on both slats, but rear-wheel drive is standard.
Technology for the present
You can not miss it - thanks to the magic of the updated BMW i-Drive infotainment system you will never have to. Features such as a WiFi hotspot, advanced navigation, charging of wireless devices and premium sound
mean that you will not miss any rhythm and stay in touch anywhere. Use the center touch panel, controls on the steering wheel or the touch screen to control media and music....

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