Thursday, 8 November 2018

CAR HEADLAMP : Total Guide

Have you ever slipped into the night and found that incoming cars come in blue and wonder why you can get it for your car? You may want to learn more about your choice of key points when you are happy, because in this article we will look at the different types of emergency situations from the user's point of view. Flame has risen far from the beginning of the light tungsten filament and eradicated them due to a halogen poll in the early 60s. It remains the banner and a little new to start 90 times when BMW opened the HID cover, ten years later .Three years later, Audi offers fire. Nowadays, the most common incandescent bulbs in a car are halogen, but in the end it will be approved for new technologies such as HID, LED and futuristic devices such as LASER. Before we get detailed
information about each of the above, there are a few things you need to know if you want to buy someone who changes or updates your current light.


Most people may not know this, but your harvest depends a lot on the support of countries moving right or left. The main features of the left train station have a low-level lower left grille, and the light is distributed through the lower / left tray to show the driver's road and signs before the right countries and a lot of light enter the blinds. However, some electric cars that can change themselves with a button will be enabled with RHD or LHD. High-speed / cable cord: use it effectively when the plane indicates that heat will be eliminated, and reduce the number of ropes so as not to see other routes, if the car is high or low, depends on a strong increase or when the car is moving fast, ECE & SAE: these are legal indicators, ECE means that lamps can be used in European countries and in many urban areas outside the EU. SAE is a brand used in the USA. Different different groups rely on different types of prayer and protection, in the USA new examples of glare are given. Reflection: this is a reflection of the production of fire. Exhibitions and headlights: The head of the reflector looks like this: the light comes from the ball between the centers of the house and is displayed on the side of the house. This allows the fire to slip through the little ball onto the road in front of the car. Vehicles are also very specific in what they say — they support the light, not reflect on it. This type of house requires different types of banners to house. Wonderful plant managers allow another control of the fire when they leave their homes. The icon of the hidden space should not be understood. If all HID lamps are in the form of a show, not every HID lamp cover is why you will find a cover with a picture of H1 / 7/15 etc. lamps.

Halogen headlights:

Halogen light contains gas, usually a combination of nitrogen and argon, and tungsten filaments, which are placed in the tube. The cup was made to withstand the heat. When an explosion gets electricity from a car, it covers a tungsten filament. The next fuel bomb you find in the car is estimated to be up to 80 percent of all vehicles. From the age of 60 it has become a standard due to the low cost of selection associated with good living habits.

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